Effective Nursing Research Topics for Every Student

Nursing Research Topics

Those who are pursuing a degree in medicine or any related field need to write many research papers. Creating them is not a one-day process. In fact, it takes weeks and even months to develop top-notch coursework. Nursing students, too, need to compose various academic pieces that showcase their subject knowledge. So, it is important to pick good nursing research topics to present your views properly. You cannot afford to be lazy when it comes to choosing a topic. In this article, you will find out some of the best topics on which you can write an outstanding paper.

Nursing Research Topics

What Is a Nursing Research Paper?

A nursing research paper is a successful demonstration of your views and knowledge on a specific topic. While preparing a research paper, you study a topic deeply with the help of credible sources. This paper majorly includes an introduction, body sections, a conclusion, and works cited section. You must format it as per the rules your teacher gives you.

Generally, nursing students are supposed to write their reflections on different issues. With regards to the topic, you will be given the liberty to choose your own. While writing the paper, you must avoid using colloquial language. You must also properly cite evidence and facts to support your ideas and make your work unique. The three critical characteristics of a nursing research paper are as follows:

  • The paper should have only essential elements.
  • The research paper should adhere to a structure, and you must format it as per the style your teacher recommends.
  • Format all the citations as per the needs.

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The significant elements of a nursing research paper

The significant elements-of-a nursing research paper

A good nursing research paper has many components. They include the following:

  • Title page – The title describes your course design, complete names of the authors, and the name of any corresponding author.
  • Abstract – The abstract is a summary of your paper. It is not more than 350 words and contains background, methodology, outcomes, and keywords.
  • Introduction – In this part, you explain the context of your research. A good introduction has a summary of the current research. You must outline the significance of your study.
  • Methods – In this section, you include your findings and the results of your analysis.
  • Discussion – In this part, you elaborate on the outcome of the result in the context of the current study. This section also has the limitations of your research.
  • Conclusion – In this section, you conclude your study. You also give a word or two about the significance of your research.

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Good Nursing Research Topics for Students

There are various research topics on the different nursing fields. Some of the major areas and topics related to them are given in the succeeding sections.

Topics related to child nursing

This field entails children, right from infants to adolescents. You can study the following topics.

  • What are the causes of seizures in infants?
  • What is the impact of social media in causing eating disorders among adolescents?
  • Ethics of pediatric care.
  • Obesity in children and healthy eating practices.
  • Psychological tenets of infant care.
  • What are the causes and treatment options for ADHD?
  • A study of resistance to antibiotics among pre-schoolers.
  • A discussion on speech disorders therapy.

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Topics related to geriatric nursing

This is another vast area in the nursing field. Some good geriatric nursing research topics include the following.

  • The effectiveness of a suitable diet in minimizing the chances of osteoporosis.
  • Can your diet increase your risk of developing dementia?
  • Does an extended stay in the hospital cause complications in severely ill patients?
  • What are some effective care strategies for the elderly who suffer from alcohol use disorder?
  • What is the impact of malnutrition on the human organ system?
  • The impact of aging on the immune system.
  • What are some methods to reduce delirium in older patients?

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Topics related to pain management

Pain management is a vast field and consists of many new areas of study. Some subjects to explore include the following.

  • Managing abdominal pain in children.
  • A study of headache treatment.
  • Is opioid usage right in treating rheumatoid arthritis?
  • The positive and negative effects of therapeutic injections.
  • Rehabilitation strategies for myofascial pain.
  • Assessment of pain limits.
  • A study of opioids and bone healing.
  • What is the phantom pain phenomenon?

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Topics related to women’s health

There are numerous nursing research topics in the women’s health field. You will get a lot of study material on the following ones.

  • Treatment of breast cancer and outlook.
  • Challenges women face during menopause.
  • Neonatal practices in the modern age.
  • A deep study of the ovarian disorder.
  • Measures for pregnancy prevention.
  • A deep study of sleep disorders in females.
  • Research on women’s sexual health disorders.
  • What are the causes of vaginal atrophy?

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Topics related to emergency nursing

Emergency nursing is also a very interesting field. If you are inclined to study it, the following topics will help you.

  • The importance of accuracy in techniques among emergency nurses when they are examining the pain of their patients.
  • The role of the nurse in a pediatric ER unit.
  • Violence towards nurses in an emergency room.
  • How to minimize stress among emergency nurses?
  • What is the future outcome of ER assistance?
  • A study of anxiety levels in nurses in the emergency room.

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Topics related to critical care nursing or CCN

Critical care nursing research topics relate to managing stress in nurses to practical methods applicable for children and adult care. Here are some good ones to study.

  • Recent technological advancements in critical care nursing.
  • Decision-making by nurses in urgent care.
  • A nurse’s experience of grief in CCN.
  • Patient safety practices among critical care nurses.
  • Simulator training for nurses in the CCN unit.
  • Stress among nurses in critical care unit and how to manage it.
  • A study of organ donation and critical care nursing.

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Topics related to Obstetrics nursing

To become a successful ob-gyn nurse, you must understand the field thoroughly. Here are some great topics that will help you enhance your knowledge.

  • A case study of the role of gender in ob-gyn nursing.
  • What factors influence the field of obstetrics?
  • A survey of major principles that ob-gyn nurses should follow.
  • Traits of every successful obstetrics nurse.
  • A case study of urban and rural obstetrics nursing.
  • How does an obstetrics nurse help manage symptoms of depression in women?
  • Major practices related to obstetric care in cabinets worldwide.

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Topics related to mental health

There are many stimulating nursing research topics on mental health you can study. Some of the essential ones are described below.

  • A study of the factors that develop depression.
  • The causes of bipolar disorder in people.
  • An analysis of risk factors associated with eating disorders like anorexia.
  • Is there a way to prevent the occurrence of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD?
  • Research on the treatments for the condition of dementia.
  • What causes stress in police officers?
  • Is bipolar disorder genetic?
  • Mirror therapy techniques for brain rehabilitation.

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Topics related to midwifery

A midwife-nurse helps women during labor and delivery. You can study this field through the following topics.

  • Impact of prenatal yoga on women and infants.
  • Effective strategies to manage emotional and physical changes during pregnancy.
  • Does spirituality play a role in labor and delivery?
  • Sleep disorders among both infants and mothers.
  • The effectiveness of midwifery.
  • Does peer support help in dealing with post-natal depression?


Topics related to the care of the older patients

Caring for older patients can turn out to be quite difficult. These patients are different from others and require a unique approach by nurses. But caring for them is also very rewarding. Here are some topics to explore if you want to study this area.

  • A discussion on geriatrics care ethics.
  • What are the causes and treatment options for restless leg syndrome?
  • A discussion on the most effective strategies to minimize cardiovascular risks.
  • What are the critical care needs in caring for older patients?
  • A discussion on the best nursing practices and techniques when managing patients with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • What are the most prevalent joint disorders in older patients?
  • A discussion about the most efficient therapy for bladder cancer.


Topics related to primary health care

You will not find a shortage of primary health care nursing research topics as it applies to the most widespread health issues people encounter. Primary health care is a very vast field of nursing. So, you must ensure that you do not choose an extensive topic. Here are some good options to explore.

  • How efficient are probiotics in treating diarrhea?
  • The positives and negatives of public and private healthcare systems.
  • A discussion about the common mistakes that primary healthcare service providers make.
  • Are there any potential downsides of vaccination programs?
  • A discussion about the job requirements of various nursing credentials.
  • What is the role of a nurse in schools?
  • A discussion about the assessment approaches in the public healthcare facility.
  • A study about data collection ethics in public health care clinics or centers.
  • The positives and negatives of healthcare services at Patient’s Home.


Topics related to the nursing career

The work of a nurse is extremely demanding, but good nurses consider them rewarding rather than complex. Today, there are lots of positions for nurses in the medical world. You can use some of these topics if you want to study nursing as a career.

  • A comparison study of the diversity in public and private healthcare facilities.
  • The affect of technology in molding the future of nursing.
  • The positives and negatives of remote intensive care units.
  • A study of the best practices to enhance mental and physical wellness in nurses.
  • A discussion about treating the homeless.
  • A discussion on nursing practitioners whose efforts transformed the nursing field.
  • Different kinds of nursing theories and their impact on today’s nursing practice.


Tips to Select Nursing Research Topics

Nursing students are also annoyed about choosing good topics. They know that picking the right issue is of much importance. But since nursing is a vast field with many difficult areas, it becomes a bit challenging for them to choose a suitable topic for themselves. Here are some proven techniques to aid you to select a good case for yourself.

Tips to Select Nursing Research Topics

  • Pick a topic that has good research behind it.

Would-be nurses should know that the main aim of their paper is to showcase their understanding of a specific area. You can only do so if you have enough resources present on a particular topic. So, always choose a subject that has plenty of research behind it. These topics must also fall within the discipline you are studying.

  • Look at the right places to get topic ideas.

A good place to look for topic ideas is research clearing houses. They have articles ranked according to the degree of evidence. Many hospitals also have subscriptions to these research clearing houses.

Suppose you are a student who hasn’t started working on a specific area. In that case, you can choose a condition or disease that interests you. Maybe someone in your family or friends had a disease about which you wish to gain more knowledge. Alternatively, you can also look into a specific health issue that interests you. Again, do not go for anything that does not have many literature studies yet. Consider treatment options for a specific disease or condition rather than methods to analyze it.

  • Go through recent news.

By now, you must be well aware of different topics and how to go about selecting one if you haven’t. However, if you are still having doubts, try looking at the recent news about health care issues. It would be more feasible if you narrowed the issues to your hometown or city. Look at eJournals or textbooks of different courses to find out about various issues you can write.

It is also fine to take an issue that is specific to your race or ethnicity. Explore the various socio-economic challenges people in your place face or the health disparities prevalent. While doing so, do not venture into controversial topics.

  • Carry a thorough literature research

After following the steps mentioned above, you might have discovered some topics of interest. Upon finding them, try fixing them into a big topic. You may think that it’s a difficult step, but if you do thorough literature research, it won’t feel so. Browse databases like Proquest, Health & Medical. Find the research that scholars have carried out there. You can then begin narrowing topics and finding those that have a lot of resources.

Remember that topics are not set in stone. It’s not always easy to find a good topic. You will that upon researching for them, your ideas begin to evolve. Accept those ideas and let them be a part of your study process.

Summing up

Hopefully, this article will serve as a great piece of advice when trying to look for a good research paper topic. Always remember to study an area that intrigues you to no extent. Once you find it, adhere to the rules of formatting your paper. You can also hire nursing paper writing services if you want more help with topic selection or writing. The experts of these services are well-versed in writing fully unique and data-driven papers.

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