Impressive Argumentative Essay Topics For Students In 2022

Argumentative Essay Topics

Students are often asked to write several different types of essays during their academic life. One of the most common essay types is an argumentative essay which is assigned to students from middle school to college-goers. In this post, we will be sharing lists of compelling argumentative essay topics that will come in handy for you.

The topic of your essay decides the outcome. If the topic offers scope for research, details and it interests you, the results could be unimaginably amazing. So, this is how you simplify the process- by choosing an exciting, yet intelligent topic for your argumentative essay.

Before we move ahead, let us help you understand what an argumentative essay is.

Argumentative Essay Topics

What Is An Argumentative Essay?

As the name suggests, an argumentative essay involves research on the subject, gathering the data, and presenting relevant claims to provide a balanced picture of both sides in the argument. To achieve successful outcomes even on good argumentative essay topics, it is essential to conduct thorough research. You cannot rely merely on your feelings and thoughts. Hence, we have enlisted various wonderful topics to help with your argumentative essay task.

Most Interesting Topics For Argumentative Essays In 2022

Are you looking for some exciting topics for the argumentative essay assignment that your teacher has assigned? Then, you are at the right place! Our experts indulged in some brainstorming to compile a complete list of topics for writing effective, informative, and powerful essays.

So, let’s get started!

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Can the death penalty be considered a justified punishment?
  • Should the government grant residency to illegal immigrants?
  • Should animal testing be banned?
  • How did America grow after World War III?
  • Is abortion just? Or, should it be made illegal?
  • There have been many instances of fake news. What are the sources behind this issue?
  • What are your thoughts on same-sex marriage?
  • Does the racing industry require bio-fuel?
  • Do you find reality TV shows closer to life?
  • Should video games be categorized as a real sport?

Good Argumentative Essay Topics

    • Why is it said that “Time is money”?
    • Does punctuality lead to success?
    • Should kids’ time screen be limited?
    • Is there a need for implementing legal punishment against cyberbullying?
    • Does the internet help in improving society?
    • Are we becoming isolated due to technology?
    • Is sugar harmful to health?
    • Are humans the primary cause behind global climate change?
    • Should brands target children for their business?
    • Do beauty pageants exploitative in reality?

    Easy Argumentative Essay Topics 

      • What’s the major cause behind the rapid increase in obesity among Americans?
      • Is a vegetarian diet healthy?
      • Is recycling really helpful?
      • Do you think nuclear energy is a safe option?
      • What are the practical ways to prevent divorce?
      • Is being an only child good?
      • What causes alcoholism? Share an elaborative perspective.
      • Should it be necessary to maintain a good attendance record for sports?
      • What are some major problems that lawmakers must address?

      Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

        • Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of virtual friendships?
        • Should all the cars be made electric?
        • Do you find cartoons better than movies? Why?
        • The government should levy more tax on the rich than the poor.
        • Did your parent’s generation face more challenges than the present generation?
        • Do video games turn people violent?
        • What should be the appropriate age to start schooling?
        • Is virtual education a better option than traditional classroom learning?
        • Does listening to music help in studying?
        • Does homework boost the learning experience?

        Argumentative Essay Topics For High School

          • Does social media impact relationships?
          • Do you think conducting routine tests benefit students in their academics?
          • Is Artificial Intelligence a boon or a curse to society?
          • Does society treat men and women equally?
          • Is using your DNA for genealogy a bad choice?
          • What is the major cause behind the increasing rate of hate crimes in schools?
          • Do mothers have better parenting instincts than their male counterparts?
          • Is hard work enough to achieve success?
          • Should the government raise the minimum wage for workers?
          • Does the US education system lag behind other nations?
          • Is it possible to remain clean and fair in politics?

          Best Argumentative Essay Topics For College

            • Do males and females share equal emotional consciousness?
            • Do you see climate change as the biggest global challenge?
            • Does the beauty and skin product industry require animal testing?
            • Should the government make college education free?
            • Does social media harm kids?
            • Is a well-read person always smart?
            • The authorities should legalize self-driving cars.
            • Should parenting be gender-neutral?
            • Free healthcare should be made accessible to everyone.
            • Should a degree decide an individual’s income?

            Argumentative Essay Topics For Kids

              • Fiction v/s non-fiction: what makes for a better choice?
              • Do schools take all the necessary actions to put an end to bullying?
              • The government should ban cloning.
              • Is social media a safe place?
              • Is junk food bad for health?
              • Should celebrities be idolized?
              • Do girls face more social pressure than boys?
              • Should kids be allowed to vote in the national elections?
              • Are joint families better than nuclear families?
              • Should children each vegetables in their meals, despite their dislike towards them?

              Argumentative Essay Topics About Depression

                • How can we effectively manage psychological health?
                • What are the core factors that affect brain screenings?
                • Does depression cause other diseases?
                • Does child abuse lead to depression?
                • How can peers help in overcoming mental health problems?
                • Does trauma cause cognitive issues? Share a detailed view.
                • Can psychiatric conditions be prevented by stress management?
                • Discuss anxiety disorders. What are some practical ways to treat them?
                • Mental health issues affect all age groups people.
                • Do school programs contribute to improving mental health?

                Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

                  • The authorities should pay student-athletes.
                  • Female athletes should not be permitted to participate in extreme sports.
                  • Should the government legalize alternatives to steroids for professional sportspersons?
                  • Can sports facilitate the learning experience?
                  • How does bodybuilding impact the female body as they age?
                  • Unhealthy brands should not be allowed to sponsor sports events.
                  • Can video games be considered a sport?
                  • Should betting on sports be illegalized?
                  • What are your thoughts on racial and ethnic discrimination in sports?
                  • Should female athletes be equally appreciated as male athletes?

                  Argumentative Essay Topics For Students 

                    • Should the government lower the drinking age?
                    • All internships should be paid.
                    • Do violent video games lead to behavioral problems?
                    • Are schools and teachers answerable for low scores?
                    • What are your thoughts about same-sex marriage?
                    • In a few states, prisoners are also allowed to vote. Share your thoughts.
                    • Do bones get stronger with regular milk consumption?
                    • Are we becoming too dependent on technology?
                    • How does homosexuality affect society?
                    • How did 9/11 change the political situation in America?

                    Social MediaArgumentative Essay Topics 

                      • Has social media altered the quality of communication?
                      • Doing business has become easier with social media.
                      • Today, can you have a life without social media?
                      • How do social media platforms impact the modern-day education system?
                      • Facebook accesses the private information of its users. What are your thoughts?
                      • Social media has improved employment rates.
                      • Does social media lead to a feeling of inferiority among students?
                      • Underage children should not be allowed to create social media accounts.
                      • Social media: a boon or a curse?
                      • Social media helps promote a healthy lifestyle.

                      Argumentative Essay Topics About Politics 

                      • The Supreme Court justices must be elected.
                      • Which political party’s ideology do you find ideal and why?
                      • Is terrorism a strong political instrument?
                      • Are revolutions harmful to society?
                      • What are the limitations of the current constitution?
                      • Can we eliminate corruption from the system?
                      • Do religious beliefs affect political decisions?
                      • Are wars caused due to politics?
                      • How does media influence political elections?
                      • Is America heading in the right direction in terms of politics?
                      • Communism v/s Democracy: What is better and why?

                      Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

                      • Society should normalize same-sex marriages.
                      • Are vegetarian and vegan diets a good choice for a healthy life?
                      • The government should treat illegal immigrants the same way as its citizens.
                      • Is eating meat ethical?
                      • Abortion should be declared illegal.
                      • Does the media create unnecessary hype to frighten the public?
                      • Is dieting helpful in weight loss?
                      • Is a person’s upbringing impact their outlook towards racism?
                      • The government should legalize Marijuana.
                      • Is it possible to eradicate terrorism?

                      FunnyArgumentative Essay Topics

                      • Has old-school romance disappeared due to the dating app culture?
                      • Are virtual friends better than real-life friends?
                      • The politicians should be made to watch memes and funny videos.
                      • Should workplaces allow social media usage at the workstation?
                      • Have humans become lazy due to innovative technology inventions?
                      • Are horror novels and movies funny? Why?
                      • If cats ruled the world, how would the world be a different place?
                      • Is the quality of music deteriorating over time?
                      • Why do people browse social media all day?
                      • Are you frightened by clowns? Why?
                      • How do you pretend to work at the workplace?

                      Best Argumentative Essay Topics For 2022

                      • How has the pandemic transformed human values?
                      • Write about the United States’ culture in the 21stcentury.
                      • Money is the most powerful factor in 21sttoday’s world.
                      • Should children be punished physically? Discuss its pros and cons.
                      • How significant is technology in modern-day education?
                      • The hunting of animals should be banned.
                      • Is there a way to eradicate racism from society?
                      • How do art and culture impact an individual’s life?
                      • Do we value online education less?
                      • Has technology changed our education system?

                      Useful Tips To Select Argumentative Essay Topics

                      By now you must have understood how important it is to choose the right topics for an argumentative essay writing task. After all, it is not easy to come up with a quality debatable topic.

                      Your essay’s topic paints the picture of the story ahead. Hence, it needs to be catchy, informative, and interesting. A boring topic will never encourage the readers to check it out further.

                      Here are some important tips to make the process of selecting a good argumentative essay topic easier.

                      • Brainstorming: When you begin with your argumentative essay selection process, start with multiple ideas. Ideate and spend enough time assessing where your passion lies. You cannot write quality content on a topic that doesn’t interest you.

                      There are many sources from where you can take inspiration such as books, social media, TV, internet, news, etc.

                      • Who’s Your Audience?: The next step involves determining your audience base. Who do you wish to target with your argumentative essay? Else, you can simply go with your teacher’s instructions to pick a suitable topic accordingly.
                      • Pick A Debatable Topic: The next step while selecting topics for an argumentative essay is picking something that offers possibilities for arguments. That is the whole point of an argumentative essay. Else, you will not be able to devise a strong debate among the contradicting ideas.

                      Do not forget to gather enough evidence in support of your argument. It’s the best way to compose a powerful and educative essay.

                      Additional Important Points To Write A Winning Argumentative Essay

                      • Always pick an interesting topic. Further, create an outline, explore the information, and prepare an exciting essay.
                      • It’s always great if you have some background information on a subject. Your familiarity with the topic will facilitate your writing experience.

                      The Major Characteristics Of An Argumentative Essay

                      If you are new to argumentative essay writing, here are its key characteristics to remember:

                      • Always write a powerful thesis statement. It helps in clearly specifying the argument.
                      • Never forget to support your argument using certain important points, claims, and facts, and figures collected from reliable sources. The main body paragraphs of your essay are where these details have to be specified.
                      • Citing the source of the information is vital. It is a significant aspect of academic writing.

                      Wrapping Up

                      Writing an argumentative essay could be tricky, but you can smoothen the entire experience by choosing the perfect topic for yourself. So, we have made it easier for you by sharing a compilation of some of the most exciting argumentative essay topics in 2022! If till now, you are unable to give your essay a good shape, don’t worry as you can connect our expert writers to writing essays. Now, we are sure you must be coming up with some more ideas for your next argumentative essay writing task! We hope this blog was helpful.