Everything You Need To Know Before Choosing Marketing Research Topics


As a marketing student, you likely have access to a plethora of resources inclusive of your college library and of course, the internet, to give you great marketing research topics. But, the concept of writing your research paper may be daunting, in particular, if you’re still brainstorming and don’t understand what to write down.


What Is A Marketing Research Report?

In essence, a market research report is a report that exhibits the traits of your ideal customers, their buying habits, the value your services or products can bring to them, and the listing of your top competitors. The marketing research report paints a picture of what types of new services or products can be the most profitable in today’s incredibly competitive landscape.

For services or products already available, a marketing research report can offer certain insights. Such as whether they are meeting their clients’ needs and expectations. It allows understanding the reasons why clients buy a specific product by reading about consumer behavior. Such as how economic, cultural, societal, and personal elements have an impact on that behavior.

Furthermore, making calculated decisions about business ideas is the purpose of writing a marketing research report. It’s knowing whether they’re worth pursuing or not. This calls for one primary skill that’s looking at the pattern that’s hidden in the User Generated Content (UGC) written in specific tones and perspectives on the social web. Simply put, writing a market research report is a critical part of planning business activities and serves as a neat way to assimilate all of the facts about your goal market and potential customers. Just like another piece of writing, start by keeping your audience in mind.

Then, make a listing of research paper topics that might be more relevant to your interests, a brand new underdeveloped field. (For example; augmented reality or people’s sentiments toward Artificial Intelligence. Or a completely unique research topic that intrigues your audience. But if you’re suffering to pin down one out of the many research paper topics in your program, we’ll recommend some of them. So as to either choose from; or for you to take suggestions and come up with your own.

How To Choose Relevant Marketing Research Topics?

Before you begin combing through our listing, you must discover ways to select the right marketing research topics. Thus, below are a few beneficial tips for you to consider:

1. Interests and passions take priority

If there’s a marketing field you are personally interested in, you must choose a topic from there. When you’re interested in something, you’ll be enthusiastic about research and you may dig deeper to find relevant studies to back up your claims;

2. Narrow down the course of your topic

As soon as you’ve got got a general idea about your topic, you need to narrow it down. For instance, you are probably interested in influencer marketing. That’s a well-known topic. A more precise one would be “The Influencer marketing from the ROI perspective: Is it the most efficient social media technique?”

3. Comb via online lists of marketing research topics

Now, you could search for ideas that are carefully related to your general and more specific topic. An excellent way to seek suggestions is to go through lists including this one. There are loads of possible marketing research topics in your paper. You’ll likely find at least a couple that you are personally interested in.

4. Choose a topic

The right topic isn’t the most effective the one that evokes you. But additionally, the one that is well-researched. Well-researched marketing research topics will offer you enough sources to cite to again up your claims. It could be less complicated for you to identify certain aspects. Which might be still not well-researched to make your own contribution to the field. Hit relevant online academic databases inclusive of BSC and EI.

5. Be factual

A research paper isn’t a descriptive essay that you could drag aimlessly. Your research paper needs to be based on authentic information. That’s only possible if you’ve carried out thorough research. While jotting down points in your first draft, make sure your statements are supported with references or examples bringing up credible academicals and research work.

6. Don’t leave it until the last day

A lot of college students generally tend to undermine the writing process and leave for the last few days. Bear in mind that you couldn’t probably write your whole research paper overnight. To succeed, you’ll need to dedicate enough quantity of time to research. Also, be organized to schedule meetings with your consultant on an ordinary basis as you’re sure to need help along the way. At this point, ensure you only rely upon credible sources so one can support your dissertation.

Category wise Marketing Research Topics

Marketing Thesis Topics

Are you in need of well-thought-out marketing research topics and marketing dissertation topics? Then you’re in the right place! Thus, this list of marketing research topics presented will give you a distinct thesis/dissertation.

  1. Consumer buying behavior for Coca-Cola – Analysis, and Determination
  2. Research on recognized, well-marketed brands that eliminated selling substandard quality products
  3. Research depicting the influence of advertising on consumer behavior
  4. Political campaigns and Brand advertising – Is it a possible interwoven impact?
  5. An overview of the results of advertising in a recession
  6. How brands exploit impulsive buying: An exhaustive research
  7. How famous stars’ advertisements on ROI affect CPG brands: A detailed study
  8. The aftermath of augmented reality on marketing experiences: Survey
  9. Will AI help make better marketing decisions – Critical research
  10. A study – The reception and perspective of Americans to targeted ads based on their web browser history

Current Marketing Issues

When it comes to the world, today there are many marketing issues around. These very global marketing issues endanger the survival of many organizations and the financial health at large. Hence, here is a list of current marketing research topics!

  1. A reduction in organic engagement on social media platforms
  2. Difficulty in building a well-recognized brand name
  3. Getting readers to see content
  4. Understanding marketing results
  5. Marketing budgets included by BREXIT
  6. Optimizing business for voice search
  7. Bridging the technology gap
  8. Ensuring compliance with GDPR
  9. Overdependence of potential customers on amazon
  10. The effect of COVID-19 on the global economy

Marketing Research Topics

Getting marketing research topics has been made significantly more comfortable with this listing of marketing research paper topics. Ready to discover the marketing research topics we have, let’s delve right in!

  1. Exploring how businesses use corporate social responsibility (CSR) to enhance brand equity
  2. The impact of social media on shopping for choices Online purchasing: a study of the product characteristics customers look for
  3. An exploration of the variations in marketing techniques across cultures
  4. Manipulation techniques: how manufacturers can get more clients
  5. A look at how consumer loyalty is affected by brand image
  6. Analyzing how TV advertising influences the top of mind awareness
  7. Do people admire being click baited into sponsored posts?
  8. A study on how to make clients buy goods and services in the luxurious category

Digital Marketing Blog Topics

Digital marketing remains a completely critical factor of marketing in the world today. Hence, here are a few very juicy digital marketing research topics you could write an extremely good blog on!

  1. 10 insightful variations between paid search and organic search
  2. Tips for promoting content material on Pinterest
  3. SEO techniques to avoid like the plague
  4. Ways to increase followers on social media platforms
  5. Best suggestions that will help you grow your paid social ROAS
  6. Why must you follow your competitors on social media?
  7. Dos and don’ts of social media advertising
  8. How to create content material your audience can be keen to share

Marketing Essay Topics

  1. What is the simplest form of marketing?
  2. Internet marketing developments to anticipate in the future
  3. What essential brand attributes result in an increase in customer loyalty?
  4. A look at marketing techniques that broke through strong market monopoly
  5. Influence of social media on the consumer buying behavior
  6. Comparison of marketing and marketing versus constructing brand equity
  7. Rebuilding trust in influencer advertising
  8. How to generate leads effectively

Content Marketing Topics

  1. 10 largest graphic design errors businesses make in their advertising pieces
  2. How to create fascinating e-newsletters that humans can pay interest to
  3. Repurposing advertising content material for small corporations
  4. Working extra micro-content material into advertising efforts
  5. Multi-step as opposed to one-step content material advertising campaigns
  6. The 5 Cs whilst developing content material advertising copy
  7. Creating compelling content material advertising campaigns in 10 steps
  8. Content advertising: a way to generate extra leads and near sales

Strategic Marketing Problems

There are many advertising issues in businesses and companies that threaten to cripple the development of the industry. Hence, here is a listing of a few marketing issues you will be willing to proffer solutions to.

  1. Inability to explain products or services delivered
  2. Not clearly defining a company’s market segment
  3. Lack of innovative commercial department
  4. Lack of business visibility
  5. Missing links between sales and marketing departments
  6. Lack of marketing plan
  7. Lack of brand image, professional reputation, and personal branding
  8. Thinking the company or business can survive without marketing

Marketing Blog Topics

  1. Facebook advertising: pros and cons
  2. 10 benefits of inbound marketing
  3. Frequent issues in inbound marketing that people face
  4. Best ways to increase subscribers for your blogs quickly
  5. 10 benefits of content marketing lead magnets
  6. Five video content marketing myths you must discard
  7. Big Brands: 30 social media campaign ideas

Controversial Marketing Topics

  1. Does google give preferential treatment to big brands?
  2. Does social media affect SEO ranking?
  3. Are grey SEO techniques safe?
  4. Are YouTube videos more engaging than TV ads?
  5. Building email lists remain one of the best ways to sell. Comment
  6. Will immersion marketing through VR technology be accepted?

Sport Marketing Research Topics

Sports marketing continues to remain a considerable source of revenue. Hence, research in this area will keep staying applicable. Here are a few sports marketing research topics you can consider working on.

  1. How the excellent content provided by smart chatbots can assist sports teams to enhance fan loyalty
  2. Emerging possibilities in sports advertising and how to capitalize on them
  3. How to efficiently capitalize on the wearables marketplace
  4. Should more girls and youngsters get into sports?
  5. Should seniors be allowed to take part in a few games?

Marketing Presentation Topics

  1. Mastering in-house search engine optimization
  2. The course to gaining and constructing customers’ trust
  3. Brand focus versus ROI
  4. Effectively personalizing consumer communications
  5. The quality search engine optimization techniques that increase site traffic

International Marketing Topics

Marketing connects the global world, and that is why it’s far crucial to marketing development. Thus, here are a few international marketing research topics to consider!

  1. The impact of globalization on customer behavior
  2. How do global manufacturers compare to local manufacturers?
  3. Do global manufacturers constantly have benefits over local manufacturers?
  4. Creating brand awareness by using international event marketing
  5. How to marketplace products on a global level

Marketing Plan Topics

  1. The significance of a marketing plan to the achievement of a business or product launch
  2. Building a tactical advertising plan
  3. How is a marketing approach different from a marketing plan?
  4. Indispensable elements of writing a marketing plan
  5. Ethical Issues In Marketing Targeted Ads based on browser history
  6. Immersion marketing via virtual reality
  7. The exploitation of impulsive buying
  8. Click baiting into backed posts

Affiliate Marketing Topics

  1. How to discover worthwhile niches in affiliate marketing
  2. Best ways to get your readers interested in what you market
  3. How to construct a private website: the final guide

Choosing The Right One!

Our aim, when we have been compiling this listing of marketing research topics for your dissertation was simple: to offer students a clear course on marketing research that is applicable in today’s world. In different words, we desired to share the trendy marketing research topics that could add value to readers, besides to the researchers themselves.

Having said that, those marketing studies topics for college students and beyond aren’t set in stone. If you want any of the subject areas we’ve got explored, you may adjust them based on your own needs. Want to get help to write my essay? Contact us today!