Pecha Kucha is the Japanese term for “chit chat”. Pecha Kucha topics mean you must talk less and present more. In such topics, you don’t have to follow rules and guidelines. They can be informal or formal and relaxed in terms of vocabulary. Make sure the topics are intriguing and simple to understand so that the audience stays with you till the end.

There are a great number of Pecha Kucha topics that are unchallenging and can be easily presented in no time. Check our detailed list below to get some intriguing ideas:

Pick a Food Category

You can talk about country-specific food like Thai food, Mexican food, or category of foods like Vegetarian food, Seafood, Vegan food. You can also talk about food you had with popular chefs or bake items that are specific to a certain city or country.

For instance:

  • 5 Mexican cuisines that a spicy food connoisseur must try
  • 10 Thai curries that excel in flavor & taste

Describe a Travel Experience

    If you have traveled to some popular or rather unknown destination then it can be pretty intriguing for your readers. Describe how was your experience, what transport you took, which places you visited, etc.

    For instance:

    • Things I learned during my trip to Indonesia
    • Cultures & practices that I saw on my trip to India

    Talk About Emotions & Their Effect

    Every incident in life helps us experience different emotions. You can share how you felt in a situation or how your emotions made you better. Emotions can be very personal hence it can be a motivating experience if you share your story of how you managed a situation even in the worst of situations.

    For instance:

    • How I earned my independence back when the recession left me broke?
    • How a car accident changed my life and made me a successful stockbroker?

    Pick a Satire

      A satire is when you use humor for irony. A satire can be on any topic or subject. Be it politics, film industry, fashion, or even someone’s work. Many popular comedians, actors, and individual artists work on satires. You can either write on some popular work done in the past or pick your own topic.

      For instance:

      • How to avoid your homework and get away with it
      • Why should we have faith in our politicians?

      Future Topics Are Always Intriguing

        Talk about the future. It could be future gadgets, upcoming technology, some electronics, etc. People are always curious to know what the future beholds.

        For instance:

        • Artificial Intelligence-based technologies that will change the world of fashion
        • 10 smart IoT devices for your home

        Describe Events In Numbers

          The event in numbers is when you describe a list. A list of movies, games to download on your phone, best education apps for your kid, etc. When you are sharing a list people get to read a descriptive and long article with many options to look forward to.

          For Instance:

          • 7 reasonable smartwatches in the market 
          • 9 educational apps that you must download today

          Mentions About Pets or Your Pets

            If you own a pet then you have a story to tell. It can be a great topic where you share how the pet keeps you engaged, how have you changed your home setting to pet a cat or dog, or how your pet is a great companion. In case you are not a pet owner you can simply talk about pets like which animals are great pets or why having a pet is a good idea.

            For instance:

            • How owning a pet can make you responsible?
            • 5 things you will learn emotionally when raising a pet.

            Your Take on Hobbies

              Everyone has a hobby they love. It can be gardening, collecting coins, cooking, etc. Some hobbies can be emotional or creative while others can just stress buster. Talk about some out-of-the-box hobbies that are not common. There are hobbies that demand commitment and your readers would be surprised to know how even hobbies can bring small joys to life.

              For instance:

              • Why you must think of bird watching as a hobby?
              • 5 new hobbies to try this summer

              Explain Your Work to Kids or Elderly

                It can be sometimes very hard to explain your job to people who have no idea of your field. It could be your colleague, friends or sometimes even your kids. Think of it as a topic where you are using pictures & examples to explain your work to your grandmother or your 5-year-old son. What makes it interesting is your approach.

                For instance:

                • 5 colorful ways to explain your job to kids
                • How an office tour can help your grandparents understand your job?

                Things to Avoid

                  There are always things that must be avoided at all costs it could be a habit, a schedule, or things that are addictive. Many categories can fall under this subject.

                  For instance:

                  • 5 things you must avoid while traveling to a different country
                  • 9 situations at the workplace that you must avoid at all costs.


                  These are some of the most common Pecha Kucha topics to start with. If you are looking to write or give a presentation then you can find a lot of content on these. Else you can come up with a topic of your own too.

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