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What Is An APA Research Paper?

An APA research paper is when a research paper uses APA format for citations and structuring. APA format is usually followed for social science papers. There are two main APA documents one is a literature review and the other is an experimental report.

What The Features Of An APA Research Paper?

An APA research paper is written in a certain format. Thus, here is a detailed description of how an APA research paper looks like:

  • The paper uses APA format allows a user to follow your research to its core or origin. It shows you understood how research is conducted and the citations are credible that you found the correct and relevant sources.
  • The research and methodology is explained using an experimental report
  • The paper is scientific in nature and asks and answers the right questions. An APA research paper is all about a structured methodology.
  • Most of the paper is written precisely rather than descriptive and uses APA-specific vocabulary.
  • APA research paper is not based on opinion but always states proven facts.
  • The formatting in APA research paper is very specific thus; special care is necessary when it comes to choosing font style, size, margins, and document size.

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How An APA Research Paper Is Structured?



It should include the title of the paper, followed by your name and your institution’s name.



In a concise manner mention all the key points and summarize your paper’s purpose clearly.



The introduction is the part where you talk about your research and why you chose it. Also, explain the topic to your audience so that they are completely aware of it since the start.



You should introduce headers so that small sections will make it easy for the audience to absorb the information.



You must clearly state the method you used and describe the results separately.



Choose a simple language to describe your results. Summarize your research with the conclusion you have drawn.



Mention all the outside sources you used to compile your research work.



If you have graphs or charts, use appendices to explain.



Make sure the content is 100% original.

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