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No matter how aware you are that plagiarism can get you in trouble, you may make the mistake of doing it. Writing essays is a daunting task and most students often feel the burden of it. That one moment when you feel that you can copy some and write on your own some is when you commit a blunder that can cost you life long.

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The consequences of plagiarism can be pretty rough. If you are caught with plagiarized content your work can be scraped off completely or you can be charged with theft. If charged you will never be able to author anything again. At worst, you can be expelled from your course.

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The team at writemyessay.net has access to premium tools and peer-reviewed sites so developing plagiarized content is out of the question. We believe only in quality and therefore our process from beginning to end is highly stringent

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is plagiarism and why it should be avoided?

Plagiarism is when you wrongfully act on another author’s ideas, concepts, or content. If you copy, recycle, or use content or ideas as it is, then it is considered plagiarism. If your content is plagiarized then your work can be dismissed or will not be considered for academic scoring.

Are there any types of plagiarism?

Yes, plagiarism can result from directly copying someone’s work or rewriting it. Some people simply recycle the content or make it a hybrid by mixing original and copied content. All these forms come under plagiarism and should be avoided at all costs.

Can you rework on my essay?

Yes, we do re-work on essays. Our writers will share suggestions on how much rework is necessary and the costing. If you agree you can make advance payment and start the work. Our writers will build the content as per your requirement and submit it at the earliest.

What % of plagiarism do universities or publications accept?

Up to 10% of plagiarism is considered in academic writing. But your focus should be to keep it below this. If you hire our services, we ensure we give you absolute original content so that you feel confident.

How can I check if my essay has plagiarism?

There are several online plag checker tools available. Some are free tools, which may not be accurate. Thus, if you can invest, go for premium tools so that you don’t have to compromise with your academics. If you want we can check your paper and fix if the % of plagiarism is more than 10%.