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How To Write A Book Critique For College?How to Write a Book Critique?

College students often assigned numerous tasks in the literature categories in which “Writing a Book Critique” is one of them. But, what does this Book Critique means?

Firstly, let’s Figure Out:

What is Book Critique? What Are The Types Of Critiques?

Book Critique gives a detailed analysis and evaluation over a certain topic in literary, philosophical, and political aspects.

Critiques are numerous in the count, but let’s see the types of critiques, which are related to the literature field:

Article or Book Reviews: 

  • To figure out the main idea of the book
  • To conclude what’s the best and what would be the best if added additionally

Book Critique: A Critique of A Published Book

  • To analyze and evaluate the strengths, weakness of the written copy
  • To give detailed information of the book, author, theme, and personal opinions
  • To conclude and recommend whether the book is read-worthy or not

      Manuscript Review: Manuscript Which is Not Published Bit Submitted For Publication

      • To figure out flaws and mistakes 
      • To suggest the writer, publisher, and editor to do necessary changes, edits, and if considered rejections too
      • To provide feedback to the writer

      How Book Critique Different From Book Review?

      Book Reviews and Book Critiques might sound similar to many, but the truth is, they differ a lot in terms of meaning and structure.

      A book review highlights on the plot of the novel. It gives an overall summary of the book. Whereas, a book critique is a systematic way of critical analysis and objective evaluation of the book. Book critiques mainly highlight the weakness, strengths of the book, and the intention of the author why he has written the book, factors that drive him to pen down on specific issues, etc.

      A book critique consists of all details about the writer’s point of view over a particular problem, his thesis, does the novel is read-worthy or not, how does the writing stimulate the readers, and what’s good and bad in the book. 

      In a nutshell, a book critique won’t give you an overall description and summary of the book, but instead, it analyses and persuades the writing.

      As of now, you might get the difference between the Book Review and the Book Critique, but you might don’t know how to write a book critique?

      No worries, in this blog post, you will learn everything about book critique.

      Complete Guide: How To Write A Book Critique

      The very elementary step of writing the book critique is, “READING” the book numerous times. You might follow up on the Google summaries of the book for drafting and analyzing the book, but trust me, it is not at all a good idea. Instead, read the entire book by self 2-3 times by note downing and high lighting the key points which you think are necessary for your book critique.

       Avoid Google Summaries

       Read the book more than two times

       High light and note down the key points

       Pen down the book thesis

      Research On Author

      People often neglect minor details while writing a book critique. Writing a book critique requires investing a lot of time in researching the novel theme and about the author in-depth. So, apart from investigating the book, investigate the author too. 

       Know why the author has chosen a particular topic to pen down.

       Investigate the time, situation, and factors that influence the author to describe the story.

       Check the author’s writing style and tone, selection of anecdotes, mode of carrying the message, and the common things from his other writings. 

      Book Critique Format: 

      Writing Part Of The Book Critique:

      When you have a handful of research details about the author and the book, then don’t be late to draft an outline for your book critique. As usually, a book critique also consists of three parts:

      1. Introduction
      2. Body 
      3. Conclusion

      The name itself justifies giving a brief explanation of the selected topic, so in an introduction part of a book critique, one should keep on mind about few points to describe in the introduction part.

      1. First and foremost thing: give particulars about the novel, author, year of publishing, main theme, details why the writer has chosen that specific topic, etc.
      2. The introduction part needs to showcase the purpose of yours to select the particular book, overall book purpose, a brief outline of the book plot but not the summary.
      3. Most importantly, write down the thesis of the book.

      The body part of the book critique can divide into many sections as it should cover the overall subject of the book and your writing. So, let’s go step by step to describe the points more detailly. 

      About The Book:

      To get the crystal clear picture of the book to the readers, you must and should talk about the summary of the book. Remember, many people might work on the same book previously and have presented the summaries too, so it is of utmost crucial to deliver the same summary in a unique way where your audience relishes your work. 

      Add the details of the characters, theme, time and situation, writing style, tone, arguments that the author brings out from the story. 

      Critical Analysis and Evaluation Of The Book:

      In the body part of the book, one should ask multiple questions to self to write the paper more eloquently. When you once described the summary, come to the critical details of the writing.

      ⮚ Discuss whether the novel is read-worthy or not. Check out whether the characters, incidents, and themes of the story are crafted logically or not.

      ⮚ Discuss the characters and how they are explained in writing. Do the characters look realistic? Discuss whether the characters and the incidents in the story impact the readers positively or negatively. Figure out the relationship between characters, do they look naturalistic?

      ⮚ Give detailed information on the tone, style, and language of the author while describing the things. Does the author manage to express his point of view and the main idea behind the story? Does his style of approaching the readers is good? If it wasn’t good, then what should be the replacement.

      ⮚ Discuss how the author proves his thesis at the end, and what the other’s point of view over the book

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      In conclusion, give the main points of the summary and what’s your opinion on the story. Discuss your arguments and authors’ arguments and talk about how the book influences you. In the end, tell the readers whether the book is read-worthy or not.

      End Word

      Writing a book critique isn’t hard, you just need thorough research on the book and author to persuade your views. Follow the above-mentioned format of the book critique to craft an excellent book critique.

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