Exemplification Essay: Definition, Example, and Topics

Writing Tips of Exemplification Essay

Exemplification essays are a slightly uncommon assignment because the actual name of this particular assignment scares a lot of students and needs them to test their knowledge as well as comprehending the subject matter. Therefore, even though this task sounds complex and tough but the real truth is that it’s much simpler than it seems. This kind of assignment is merely less common than expressive, convincing, or cause-and-effect essays because it’s more detailed. Simply put, an exemplification essay is an extremely accurate kind of argumentative essay.

In this blog post, we will discuss the various components of the exemplification essay and how it uses precise examples in order to try and prove to your audience that your side is the correct side. So, let’s deep dive into it!

Writing Tips of Exemplification Essay

What is an Exemplification Essay?

The definition of an exemplification essay is extremely simple and easy to understand. An essay of this particular kind is aimed to demonstrate a convincing argument or thesis using various instances.

In simple words, an exemplification essay is a form of argumentative essay that presents precise examples to show a point. For example, if you’re working on a thesis paper on the adverse things of global warming then it’s not sufficient to say that it is evil for the environment. In this case, you need to give and demonstrate decisive reasons that will persuade readers that global warming is perilous. Some instances would be:

  • Several glaciers’ melting could lead to water scarcities.
  • Rapid climate change causes unadorned weather, like storms and warmth waves.
  • Changing ecosystems could lead to species extermination.

There are a few topics that need to present beyond an argument essay, which also includes strong evidence and proof to approve the thesis. In Exemplification essays, the writer needs to showcase numerous examples of both theoretical and practical for the endorsement of the argument. Exemplification essays are not just merely an augmented essay or any generalized information, they are more than any research paper.


Exemplification Essay Outline Structure

Writing an exemplification paper seeks the traditional essay structure, consisting of an introduction, multiple body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Below is the standard layout that is used as a template when writing an exemplification essay.

1. Introduction

  • Hook
  • Thesis Statement

2. Body

A. Point 1

  • First example
  • Second example

B. Point 2

  • First example

C. Point 3

  • First example
  • Second example
  • Third example

3. Conclusion

  • Summarize each point’s findings
  • Concluding Statement‍


Here are some of the examples of Exemplification Essay:

  • Several glaciers’ melting leads to water scarcities
  • Rapid climate change causes unadorned weather, like storms and warmth waves
  • Changing ecosystems leads to species extermination
  • A few topics need to present beyond an argument essay, including strong evidence and proof to compliment the thesis. In Exemplification essays, the writer needs to showcase numerous theoretical and practical examples for endorsing the argument. Exemplification essays are not just merely augmented essays or any generalized information, they are more than any research paper.


How To Write An Exemplification Essay?

Particularly when you are dealing with this task of writing an exemplification essay for the first time, may appear very challenging. However, the writing procedure will be less difficult and much less stressful if you have a great plan. Use this step-by-step manual as your action plan or order an essay paper from our paper writing service, if you’re questioning how to address this task:

Step 1: Decide the Topic for Your Essay

Selecting the best topic is already 50% of success and we’ve already mentioned it. If your topic is a great one then it will be less difficult to carry out research, construct main arguments, and ultimately write your essay. Therefore, a remarkable topic should have the following characteristics –

  • Relevant
  • Useful
  • Interesting – both to you and your audience
  • Specific

Apart from this, always remember that your topic shouldn’t be too narrow or, too extensive on the opposite. It ought not to be too general but at the same time has to provide sufficient scope for doing research and argument-building.

Step 2: Research Thoroughly To Gather Information

The subsequent step is to collect the material for your essay once you’ve got defined your topic. It is crucial that you gather enough amount of information to support your ideas since an exemplification essay is heavy on information and examples. When researching the topic, make certain to apply only legitimate and trusted sources, which include non-fiction books or scientific journals.

Step 3: Arrange All the Material

Once you find lots of sources and information, you have to take the time to assess your material and prioritize the gathered information. To make your paper certainly engaging, it is crucial that you use legitimate, significant, and applicable examples that carry actual value.

Step 4: Look For an Excellent Sample

Check out a few good exemplification essay examples prior you start. In case you know what you’re doing, writing an exemplification essay isn’t that tough. Thus, to get a sense of the way this work is to be completed, it is generally a great idea to examine some exemplification essay examples.


Example Topics For Exemplification Essays

Selecting the correct topic for your exemplification essay is the most difficult step. It is the topic that facilitates get the audience’s attention and lets the writer collect powerful content. If your essay topic is not striking, you will drop your audience for sure.

Below there’s an exclusive list of original essay topics to be well-thought-out for writing. Check out all of these topics and pick the correct option to write your paper and amaze your audience.

  • How does online education affect the conventional system of education?
  • Is online education better than offline?
  • Does social media become a bane than a boon for teens?
  • What’s the future for students in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (MI)? 
  • How does an increase in the use of Robots in the manufacturing and industrial sector impacts human employability?
  • Consequences of an increase in global warming 
  • How does research on Mars benefits us?
  • How does Work from Home useful during pandemics?
  • Which one is better? Virtual learning or Blackboard learning
  • Obesity: A Dangerous Health Hazard


Good Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Nowadays, a college/university degree isn’t necessary.
  • Are plastic bottles perilous to our health?
  • Celeb culture causes mutilation to kids and teenagers.
  • Must herbs and spices be added to baby/kid food?
  • Children who agonize from obesity should get nutritional assistance from the government.
  • The latest technology and social media platforms lead to social concerns.
  • Do self-help programs have sufficient in beating mild depression?
  • Traditional forms of entertainment, as well as art like classical music, ballet, or opera, die out because of the latest technology.
  • Does bribing young kids to do household tasks and attention to their studies have a momentous impact later on in life?
  • Society advocates gender discrimination.


Meek Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Homeschooling is less effective than old-style education.
  • Growing up with a single parent.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of pollution.
  • Rapid changes in the ocean.
  • Power corrupts people.
  • Children shouldn’t be taught life after death and spirituality in schools.
  • Reality television programs have drastically changed our perception of reality.
  • Causes and effects of the growing popularity of fast-food outlets/restaurants.
  • The Impact of the Internet on young children.
  • Children under 18 shouldn’t be permitted to use smartphones, iPods, laptops, and other electronic devices.


Descriptive Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Folks who are not so successful are the happiest.
  • Advanced technology and social media changed the world for the better and also introduced several problems.
  • Should everyone get free medical care?
  • Converse the influence that businesses feel from social networking.
  • The government should invest more money in services, especially for the elderly.
  • Gun regulations must be harsher.
  • A consequence of the feminist approach.
  • Positive thinking is psychologically very helpful.
  • Election forecasts and exit polls drastically affect the election procedure and voter decisions.
  • Capitalism requires more harsh regulation to stop corruption.


Exemplification Essay Topics for College Students

  • Discuss the influence of the latest technologies on our culture.
  • Should drugs become legal?
  • Is a college/university degree necessary in modern society?
  • Do smartphones or electronic devices spoil people’s livelihoods?
  • Major Reasons for the first world war.
  • Difficult childhood facilitates individuals later in their lives.
  • If a class is parted by gender, does it give a better learning environment?
  • Will AI (artificial intelligence) control the world in the adjacent future?
  • Is capital punishment far better than a life sentence for prisoners?
  • Can technology cause the extermination of manual labor jobs?


Exemplification Essay Topics for High Schools Students

  • Should schools impose any religious beliefs on their students?
  • Politicians shouldn’t be permitted to invest millions in their campaigns.
  • What are the foreseeable consequences of using the Internet these days?
  • Business benefits of using the latest software and social media platforms.
  • Alternative medicine can undoubtedly treat anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders.
  • How do the big giants generate more profit using client relationship management?
  • Animal abuse should be lawbreaking.
  • Gender-neutral toys are extremely essential for gender equality.
  • People who will become parents should take proper parental training classes.
  • The role of symbolism in poetry

For researching the topic, choose newspaper articles, magazines, newspapers, professors, research papers, documents, thesis, etc. Raw data stored in blog writings, Wikipedia will not help you with a broad examination of the topic, so it’s better to prefer newspaper articles and magazines for researching. 


Exemplification Essay Outline: Prepare And Start Writing

Before you directly pen down the facts on paper, outline the topic which includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and the final words. A proper outline provides the product of the research, so the outline is very crucial before you write. And when you are ready, start writing the essay putting all the material points you gathered. You can follow multiple formats of essay to write an effective essay in MLA format.

Exemplification Essay Outline

The writing style or exemplification essay outline is not dissimilar from any other essay. But the major thing that makes exemplification essays dissimilar from other papers that you have written earlier is that the body copy of your essay should be focused on instances that clearly prove your point.

Here is a simple template that you could use while writing your outline:

    1. Introduction/Overview
    • A hook that seizes attention;
    • Three to four sentences that introduce the subject/topic;
    • A killer thesis statement.
    1. 1st Body Paragraph
    • The 1st valid and powerful reason that supports the argument;
    • An instance that supports the reason;
    • A strong explanation of the significance of the instance.
    1. 2nd Body Paragraph
    • The 2nd valid and powerful reason that supports the argument;
    • An instance that supports the reason;
    • A strong explanation of the significance of the instance.
    1. 3rd Body Paragraph
    • The 3rd valid and powerful reason that supports the argument;
    • An instance that supports the reason;
    • A strong explanation of the significance of the instance.
    1. Conclusion/The Final Words
    • Reaffirm the thesis statement;
    • Abridge your key points;
    • Provide a wider perspective.



    Editing is divine! So, once you are finished with the exemplification essay writing procedure, don’t forget to edit and thoroughly proofread your write-up to discover the paper’s feeble sections. If possible then try to better proofread more than three to four times to figure out the grammar errors, spelling mistakes, continuation blunders, and others.

    Always keep in mind, go through your essay quite a lot of times until it encounters the assignment’s exact needs & requirements and is completely free from any type of language slipups.


    Writing Tips For Exemplification Essay

    Writing an exemplification essay could be thought-provoking if you are not fully aware of the fundamentals. But it will be extremely simpler for you to write a killer exemplification essay if you correctly find out what points you’re going to make and generate an outline. When you comprehend the whole structure of your essay clearly, you can make sure an efficient logical flow of thoughts.

    To begin writing an exemplification essay, follow these simple tips:

    • Simply frame your argument. Quite frequently, students don’t require to hunt for a subject/topic for their essay because they get it given by a professor. In this case, all you need to do is to choose a side.
    • You need to pen down numerous reasons why you have selected such a place and pick the stoutest ones. We suggest that you have three to four valid and powerful reasons.
    • Do your thorough research and look for solid instances that boldly exemplify the three to four strongest reasons.
    • Note down all the instances that you collected for your essay. It will let you choose the superlative instance while writing the content.
    • Always ensure that the instances support every single reason unswervingly as well as precisely.
    • Your examples must also be illustrative, which means they must reflect the majority and embody what is generally happening to most individuals.
    • Apart from adding important facts to support your thesis statement, reliable stories and anecdotes could also be added.
    • To prove your strong point and make the readers comprehend you in a much better way, ensure they are following the chain of your thoughts and concepts.
    • To evade muddle, do not comprise fewer common situations when presenting instances.
    • Take a close look at your instances & reasons and attempt to abridge them in one or two sentences. These sentences will become your strong thesis statement.



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