Exemplification Essay

‘Exemplification’ – the word itself derived from ‘Example’. So, what do you think that the Exemplification Essay would wrap up?

Examples, many examples, and countless examples!

If you’re unaware of the Exemplification essays, then this article is going to clear all your queries. Get ready to prepare an exemplary Exemplification article!

What Do You Mean By The Exemplification Essay?

There are a few topics that need to present beyond an argument essay, which also includes strong evidence and proof to approve the thesis. In Exemplification essays, the writer needs to showcase numerous examples of both theoretical and practical for the endorsement of the argument. Exemplification essays are not just merely an augmented essay or any generalized information, they are more than any research papers.

How To Write An Exemplification Essay?

Topic Selection

Every crucial part of the Exemplification Essay is “Selection of Topic”. If you can’t select a powerful topic which helps you in showcasing more examples, your essay is going to make fool of you. Topics should be relevant to current circumstances, trending, unique, valuable, and informational. 

Example Topics For Exemplification Essays

1) How does online education affect the conventional system of education?

2) Does social media become bane than boon for teens?

3) What’s the future for students in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (MI)? 

4) How does an increase in the use of Robots in the manufacturing and industrial sector impacts human employability?

5) Consequences in an increase in global warming 

6) How does research on Mars benefits us?

7) How does Work from Home useful during pandemics?

8) Which one is better? Virtual learning or Blackboard learning

9) Obesity: A Dangerous Health Hazard

Broad Research on TopicWhen you are ready with the topic, broad research over the topic assists you to provide more examples. For researching the topic, choose newspaper articles, magazines, newspapers, professors, research papers, documents, thesis, etc. Raw data stored in blog writings, Wikipedia will not help you with a broad examination over the topic, so it’s better to prefer newspaper articles, magazines for researching. 

Prepare An Outline And Start Writing

Before you directly pen down the facts on paper, outline the topic which includes introduction, body, conclusion. A proper Outline provides the product of the research, so the outline is very crucial before you write. And when you are ready, start writing the essay putting all the material points you gathered. 


Edit is divine! So, you better proofread for more than three times to figure out the grammar errors and mistakes. 

How to Outline and Write an Exemplification Essay?

Exemplification Essays follows a similar pattern of regular essays. They include an introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction: The introduction should cover the thesis statement with catchy lines. To make readers active, a question, a quotation, an idiom, an anecdote, facts, and stats, fascinating beginnings will be boon to the essay.


  • Topic: Benefits of Space Exploration and Research

Introduction: “Do you want to collect diamonds instead of water droplets when it rains?” (fascinating beginning)

  • Topic: Global Warming and Impacts

Introduction: “You know what! The Arctic region will be ice-free in the year 2040” (Facts)

  • Topic: Effects of improper sanitization and cleanliness

Introduction: “Want to experience foot-in-mouth disease? Then follow unhygienic health methods” (idioms)

  • Body: The action part of the essay is BODY! So, the body of the article must present thoughtfully and logically.
    The body of the essay should break into multiple paragraphs with the highest preference at first and least preference at last. Paragraphs blend with transition words and examples. 

Examples Like:

  • Individual (Subjective) examples – writer experiences.
  • Objective examples – writer describes some other person’s life incidents as examples.
  • General examples – writer explains generalized cases
  • Insightful examples – the writer makes the reader think and imagine the stuff to make reader proactive 
  • Broad examples – elaborated examples for complex topics 

The Conclusion: The conclusion section of an Exemplification essay is a blend of all significant key points, facts, statistics represented in the text. The end should incorporate your thoughts, scientifically proven thesis to get approval on the topic. 


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