How to Write an Impactful Essay in ASA Format? – Useful Guide on ASA Citation

ASA Format and ASA Citation

Writing an ASA format is an excellent way of manuscript writing. Some days it is used by scholars for essay writing and utilized by people in sociology.

Here In this blog, we are learning how to write an impactful Essay in ASA Format.

ASA Format and ASA Citation

What Is ASA?

ASA (American Sociological Association format), is a popular format for manuscript writing utilized by researchers, writers, publishers, and the student community. The major purpose of this type of format is to write sociology-based scholarly papers.

For a college student studying in the field of sociology, and collecting information from various sources, to be used in their manuscripts or articles to submit sociology or publications of an understanding of ASA citation principles. When the work is not properly cited, it gives you the potential to discredit an author, but in the case of students, it often leads to disastrous consequences for post-secondary careers.

Someone needs to be very clear while doing ASA citations. The incorrect usage of citations often loses its credibility. At the same time, it puts the writer’s position in jeopardy.

While citing your work in ASA format it is essential to be attentive to the different parts of the book critique you are writing. They are structured as per the citation format.

Here is the list of citation formats:

  • Title page
  • Heading format
  • Abstract
  • Reference list
  • In-text citations, etc. 

Detailed View On ASA Citation

The ASA citation format is a type of manuscript writing. It is generally adopted by scholars of sociology to recognize the ideas, theories, and words stated by people in an organized way.

ASA Citation

If you are writing a paper in ASA format, here are the essential rules you must include

ASA Citation

Text Formatting

The texts in the document have to be in Arial font, and the size should be 12. One must also add footnotes. The formatting should be done as per the instructor who has assigned the task.


There should be a margin of a minimum of 11/4 inches. It has to be maintained on each side of the document. Again, the instructions of the assigner must be followed.


Subheadings provide a structure to any written document. It makes your manuscript looks organized. You must follow a three-level heading structure.

1st Level Head

  • The first level head should be precise and in capital letters.
  • Avoid using bold font.
  • Refrain from using your manuscript with a heading.

2nd Level Head

  • Make sure to use italics font, and left-justify.
  • Again, avoid going for bold fonts.
  • A title case would be helpful.

3rd Level Head

  • Use italics fonts, and left-justify the letterhead.
  • You should use it at the start of your document.
  • Put a period after that.
  • Don’t use bold fonts.
  • Make sure only the first word of the head is in capital letters.


Such things are added at the bottom end of the page. It is usually a part of the document where you cite your references. Thus, It acts as a section to add more details.


Endnotes are cited at the end of the paper, in a dedicated section. The endnotes are placed numerically, as per the ASA format. You should use double spacing and add all the references here.

Rules For ASA Citation

Now you must have a critical understanding of what is ASA. It is time to move ahead and go through some general rules involved in the ASA format writing.

While writing an ASA-based document you should not use first-person. However, if you are instructed to do so, you may do that. It already contains several references. Hence, you must avoid writing in an opinionated way. If the topic is written in an argumentative manner then you should add your opinions and views.

While mentioning data-based information within the paragraphs don’t use abbreviations. Instead, use proper terms such as “per cent”. If you are adding such details to a chart, table, or graph, then abbreviations are used.

Moreover, always use an active voice to write your paper. The ASA citation writing should not include common expressions, slang, jargon, etc. If you are mentioning a race or ethnicity, you have to be specific. Using Mexican, Italian, and Indian is the best way to go. An acronym should always be mentioned along with the full name within the parentheses part.

Don’t use gendered terms, unless required for anything specific. Also, non-gendered words, like, the global population are recommended.

Are both ASA citation and APA citation similar?

The ASA citation style looks somewhat similar to the APA (American Psychological Association) style format. Not only are their appearances, but the functions are also quite the same.

However, the ASA citation is used for sociological papers, and APA citation is followed for writing social science research papers. So, we can say that both the citations are similar, but differ at some point.

In-Text Citations For ASA

The best part about using in-text citations in the ASA format is that it lets you include the source material of the information directly in your papers. Doing this practice increases the credibility of your papers by creating a link between your ideas with the other authors. It follows a smooth flow within your paper.

If you are wondering how to cite multiple authors ASA, an in-text citation is your answer. In your in-text citation, you should mention the last name of the author along with the year of publication of your source in the parentheses. It has to be added at:

  • The end of the sentence, or
  • Near the source
  • Somewhere between the last word, and the period.

How to Write ASA Reference Page?

As the title suggests, “References” should be the first part of your ASA reference page. You must put the references with a hanging intention, and put double spaces between them.

The first letter of each word has to be in the capital, excluding the articles, prepositions, and conjunctions. In case it is placed at the start of the reference title or subtitle, then you can capitalize them.

In your ASA citation, you must mention the references alphabetically as per the last name of the author.

  • Names of the authors should include their first and middle names. If the author uses only their initials in their publications, then use only this.
  • If you are in need to repeat the author, you must use the full name in the reference section. The work is arranged chronologically.
  • While mentioning multiple works of a single author from a single year, it is recommended to use a letter next to the year. Also, include a list of different references from the same author in alphabetical order.
  • All the authors of the publications have to mention. “Et al” should not be used in the “References”.
  • If an author is in both, a single-authored reference as the prime author, well as in a multiple-authored reference, only the single-authored reference has to be first enlisted in the “References”.

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Some Examples In-Text Citations For ASA

ASA Citation For A Book

Author’s name [Last, First]. The Year of Publication. Title [Italics Font]. Place of Publishing: Publisher


James Henry. 2003. The Turn of the Screw. New York: Barns & Noble Books.

ASA Citation For A Journal Article

Author [Last, First]. Year of Publication. “Title (italicized).” Journal Name issue #: inclusive page numbers


Gans, Herbert J. 2005. “Race as Class.” Contexts 4[4]: 17-21.

ASA Citation For A Web Page

Author [Last, First]. Date of Publishing. Title. Publisher. Retrieved Month Day, Year {Link}


Lee Bruce. 03.09.2004. Birth of a Nation. Retrieved 18.01.2017. {link}


Writing an ASA format can be intimidating for someone new to writing. It requires constant practice and learning to become good at achieving a well-structured ASA document output. Keeping these factors in mind would help achieve excellent results in becoming proficient in ASA writing.

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