Have you been given an essay assignment to be written in essay format and wondering how to start writing an essay? You can begin it in any way. But it is no longer sufficient to just produce excellent essays in high school and college. Writing excellent essays in a timely manner is one of the most essential talents to master. Then how do write an essay? 

Understanding what is an essay and how to organize the ideas are the solution. An essay is a collection of ideas and one’s opinions, expressed in an organized manner. Having knowledge of fundamental essay structure, you can concentrate on your ideas and the evidence you use to support them.

Essay Format

Understanding Essay Format and What Would Make It Interesting?

An essay format is a collection of rules that determines how the various parts of your paper should be organized in your article. You must pay close attention to a number of details while formatting a paper. The essay format, the title page, the works mentioned page, and citations are all examples of what is required. How long is an essay will be based on various factors. 

When you write an essay, you will have to express the primary reason behind writing your essay. It conveys the core essence of your essay. It offers your personal point of view and provides a solution to your research question in one sentence.

If your essay is arguable, precise, and succinct, the success of your whole work is dependent on it. You must do all in your power to guarantee that it turns out to be appealing.

Basic Essay Outline Requirements

The essay outline format requirements include the topic, introduction, body, conclusion, citations, and Bibliography (Works Cited).

How to Write an Introduction Paragraph?

Introduction: Introduce your subject and give some previous information at the beginning of your essay. Remember to conclude with a powerful thesis statement that demonstrates the primary point of your work.

Introduce the essay with an argument:

When you write an introduction, you present your argument to your reader and persuade them. You need to engage your audience through your essay write-up. You need to use intriguing methods for beginning an essay for more information.

Make a strong first impression by beginning with an attention grabber. Provide background information on the importance of your issue. Next, establish a subject and offer some definitions of important words.

How to Write The Main Body of the Essay

Write a subject phrase at the beginning of each body paragraph. Then, give key reasons to support the essay statement.

Incorporate subject sentence in the body part:

Make a subject sentence the first sentence of each body paragraph; do not start a paragraph with a factual state. That is, express your point of view in your subject sentence, which should offer the central concept of the paragraph. In the following lines, you should include supporting ideas, precise information, fascinating facts, statistics, clear explanations, and relevant examples. All supporting phrases should follow a logical progression. 

How to Write a Conclusion of an Essay

Present a summary of the whole work and reaffirm the thesis statement. There should be something to ponder for the audience members to consider.

Conclude by summarising the crucial pointers:

The most essential section of your paper is the conclusion. As a matter of fact, readers retain just the first and last paragraphs of what they have read. The conclusion is your last opportunity to create an impact and demonstrate the importance of your results. Provide links between prior ideas and summarize your results. Restate the thesis are all important components of drafting a conclusion paragraph. You should not add any new information to your document. Conclusion: Conclude your article with a powerful closing remark that your audience will remember.

Citation Format for an Essay:

The use of appropriate citations demonstrates to the reader that you recognize the importance of other writer’s research. To complete your work, you must provide a mention of the sources that you have used throughout your research.

Bibliography: A bibliography is a structured list of different sources examined by you while creating the essay. Its formatting is mostly either the MLA or APA style or as specified by your instructor. 

Parameters for a Standard Essay Format

Standard essay format


The basic essay structure rules listed below:

  • Each page should have a one-inch margin spacing.
  • Line spacing is a measure of how far apart lines are spaced on a page
  • Keep specific font type and size, such as Times New Roman 12 pt.
  • Page headers should include information such as the writer’s last name or a shorter title, among other things.
  • Keep headings and subheadings.
  • Page headers.
  • Keep indentation about 0.5 inches in depth.

The Fundamentals of MLA Paper Formatting are as Follows

  • Get a sheet of white paper – 8 ½ x 11”.
  • Insert one-inch margins on all sides of the page so that printing is neat.
  • Keep a one-half-inch indentation after the first word.
  • Set quotes off one inch from the left margin.
  • Using a simple, readable font. Make certain that the italics are distinct from the normal font used.
  • Make use of the 12-pt font.
  • Do not use single spacing throughout your research paper, including the works mentioned page For MLA format.

The Fundamentals of APA Paper Formatting are as Follows

  • Keep double-spacing throughout the document
  • Keep one-inch margins on both sides of the document.
  • Indentation should appear in all paragraphs to make reading easier in the body.
  • The title will appear name in the middle of the page, followed by your own name of the school/institution.
  • Use 12-pt font.
  • Place page number at the top right corner.
  • Leave one space following the majority of punctuation marks.
  • On the top left side of the page, a shorter form of the title should be put.

The Fundamentals of Chicago Paper Formatting are as Follows

  • All sides have one-inch margins.
  • Make use of the Times New Roman 12 font and size.
  • Separate the text of the document with double spaces.
  • Keep left-justified text. Avoid completely justified text in your document.
  • Paragraph starts, blockquotes, and dangling indents should all be indented with a 1/2″ indent.
  • Place page number at the top right corner.

MLA APA Chicago format


  • Spaces, citations, and indentation are all used in the same way in both formats.
  • In both styles, parenthetical citations inside the body of the text.
  • On the works mentioned / reference page, the citations are presented in alphabetical order in both styles.
  • MLA style is used in the humanities, while APA style is more commonly used in the social sciences.
  • The sources are referred to by a different term depending on the style.

Tips for Writing an Academic Paper

  • Writing an academic paper may be accomplished in a step-by-step manner. You may follow these methods and they will save you a significant amount of time.
  • Choose a subject that interests you. You may explore the internet, go over your lecture notes, and think about your course readings or current events.
  • Carry out research and make a note of the facts you find. Remember that you research after discovering your thesis, create an outline, then write and edit the document again.
  • Create a compelling thesis statement on which you will base your argument.
  • Prepare a rough plan for your essay and stick to it. Preserve notes from your sources and incorporate them into your plan. Make certain that you have supporting evidence for each argument you make.
  • Draft your essay’s initial draft as soon as possible. You may begin at any point in the document. You shouldn’t be concerned with grammar, punctuation, or spelling while you build your phrases. You’ll take care of it later.
  • Revise your initial draft and make any necessary changes to enhance the substance, logic, and flow. Make a seamless flow between your thoughts. Make modifications to the material to make it more appealing, and then edit your manuscript. It’s possible that you’ll have to repeat the process.
  • Check your final draft for errors and make any necessary corrections to ensure that your essay is perfect.

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