The very reason that the Introduction matters is its ability to make the first impression on the reader’s mind. But at the same time, anyone who is interested to know more about your research would like to dig in and focus on other important chapters than the introduction. Thus, you need to keep your introduction interesting. Don’t work upon some suspense or surprises, as it’s a scientific work and not some personal blog. It has to be straight and on-point. All you need is a give a good preview of what you are going to cover and where will it lead to the readers.


10 Tips On Writing Your Dissertation Introduction

write introduction for dissertation


Here are 10 smart ways to curate content for your introduction:


Share your work honestly

The introduction is the place where you need to mention what questions you will be addressed along with solutions. Also, are your solutions backed by strong references and genuine? Once you put your work out there you will enter into scholarly conversations. Readers may argue about some of your work or might demand more justification. Thus, your approach towards writing an introduction should be keeping the ground clear of any contradictions than readers asking more questions after reading it. The whole agenda is to make the reader care about your findings or solutions because if they don’t then its no point making them read your work. 


State your methodology

The introduction is a good place to mention the method you have deployed and why. You can mention the tools, names of the tests & methods, etc. so that the readers will know what they can expect from the entire dissertation. The introduction is the first thing a reader reads so this is the best time to capture their attention by making it clear how you will present your work.


Explain key terms

There are certain key terms, which you may have used throughout your work. As per you, they are simple and everyone knows the meaning of it but it might be completely different. The readers may have their own version and understanding of those and it might just confuse them. So it’s better you mention the meaning of those words and how it is relevant to your work.


Outline the main arguments

The smart way of writing your introduction is by reading and getting inspiration from all the sources you have referred to. Reading dissertations can be challenging, as the information mentioned is overwhelming. Thus, readers may feel lost as to which part is referring what information. The best way to deal with it is to mention or outline the main arguments or topics. This way the introduction will make it clear for readers what arguments can they read or refer to.


Keep a wise length

The reason we are calling it wise length is that if it’s too long the readers will start losing interest. If it’s too short the readers won’t get an idea of what your dissertation is about. So a wise length is one that covers all the essential information but doesn’t burden the user. Imagine you have to buy a new book. Before you purchase you want to know what the storyline is and what the book is going to over. You cant read the complete book right? That’s the reason every book has a preface that tells the genre, storyline, and a bit about characters. If the readers feel connected it buys and continues with the rest of the book. Similarly, if your introduction gives the same gist or insight in just a few words then you can even keep the user engaged.


Stay true to facts

Don’t fall prey to materialism and stick to the facts. We realize the pressure of making the introduction interesting is too much but keep it together and check all facts before even mentioning it. If a knowledgeable reader or someone else checks out the facts, which comes as untrue then it would be very difficult for them to accept or believe in your dissertation. They might question your solutions.


Avoid verbosity

Don’t include words unnecessarily and keep your words and sentences as simple as possible. The more complicated the sentences the more difficult it would be for readers to read.


Don’t include results or outcomes

All you have to do is include a glimpse of your work. The introduction is only supposed to introduce the topic to its readers and not talk about the conclusions i.e. results. There is a separate section for that and the reader must know the process before getting to the results.


Don’t hurry. Take time

Don’t decide overnight what will your introduction looks like. Take time like days or weeks before deciding the final version of your introduction. You don’t have to under or over-process it.


Write an introduction when the time is right

Most dissertation writer’s arguments on when an introduction should be written. Should it be the first thing for the dissertation or wait till the conclusion is ready? Well, it’s best if you do it when you think you have all the points ready to mention in your introduction. 


Make it convincing

Introductions are all about convincing your readers with your work and choices i.e. proving your points and justifying your solution. Thus, the introduction is a good place to mention what you believe in and why you choose to believe in the points you make.



Introductions are challenging to write but can get better with practice. Follow all the tips above to nail your work. In case you feel that it’s not something you excel at then it’s best you outsource your dissertation work to We have great dissertation writers in our team who have delivered hundreds of projects by now. Just go to our contact page and place an order today.


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