How Is A Thesis Different From A Dissertation?

Difference Between Thesis And Dissertation Writing

Thesis as well as dissertation, are some of the most important academic writing pieces that every student needs to complete. No graduation degree is complete unless you submit the thesis and the dissertation paper. Most students made the mistake of using the same format for thesis as well as dissertation writing. Doing this mistake will not only miss your chances of getting good grades, but you may also face the issue of suspension of your final degree. Read this article to the end to know the difference between thesis and dissertation.

To write good quality and well-structured thesis paper as well as a dissertation paper, it is important to know about the basic difference between these academic writing. In this article, we will provide you with the best tips that will make it easier for you to complete these academic papers conveniently and easily.

Difference Between Thesis And Dissertation Writing

How to define a Thesis? 

The word ‘thesis’ is a Greek origin word that means- “something put forth”. The thesis implies a collection of research demonstrating the idea and knowledge of the candidate in a specific field.

The purpose of a thesis is to allow the candidate to showcase what he/she believes and aims to prove. It is presented and saved in written or in printed format.

In the thesis, these are the points that one should focus on.

  • The candidate should present genuine thought behind the research rather than just citing the existing facts.
  • The candidate should have in-depth knowledge and done background reading, to cite sufficient knowledge of that subject.
  • The candidate should never use the first person and avoid vague language.
  • Include questions and arguments that people usually do not agree with.
  • It should be exciting and try to assume and disapprove counter-arguments.
  • It should be focused, specific, and completed.

Although a thesis is written in the last semester by the master’s students. But the word thesis is used interchangeably with dissertation, it has different contexts in different regions.

  • In the US, a thesis is performed and written by master’s students.
  • In Europe, a thesis is a crucial part of Ph.D. programs that graduate students require for a doctoral degree.

What exactly is a Dissertation?

    The word “dissertation” is a Latin origin word that means – “discussion”. The dissertation implies the insertion of new knowledge or theory in that particular subject.

    A dissertation is a lengthy written structured research work on a specific topic selected by the candidate. Here, Ph.D. scholars demonstrate their findings and focus on answering a specific question chosen by themselves.

    In the dissertation, these are the points that one should focus on.

    • The candidate should develop the ability to defend his argument which forms the basis of his research.
    • It should be structured keeping the points, abstract, introduction, methodology, literature review, findings, discussion, conclusion, and recommendations in order.
    • The research is a long time effort that should be combined in written form.
    • It is based on original research, hence the candidate has to arrive at a hypothesis and explain it in the document.

    The word dissertation is used interchangeably with dissertation, it has different contexts in different regions.

    • In the US, a dissertation is performed and written by Ph.D. students.
    • In Europe, post-graduate students are required to perform and compose a dissertation as a research project.

    Differences Between Thesis And Dissertation Writing

    The Basic Difference

    The most important difference between thesis and dissertation writing lies in the degree you are completing.

    1. The thesis is a project that you need to complete before your Master’s degree ends. On the other hand, the dissertation paper has to be completed during a doctoral program.

    There is also a difference in the purpose of writing both these papers.

    1. A thesis paper is a type of compilation of research. It proves that the student is knowledgeable and has enough information about the program he/she is taking. On the other hand, the dissertation paper should be written in such a way that it can show your knowledge about theory as well as the practical aspect of the doctoral program. Thus, when writing a dissertation paper, a student has to come up with an entirely new concept and then defend the worth of the concept.

    Writing Format Difference

    There is also a difference in the writing format for thesis and dissertation papers.

    • Under the thesis paper, students are expected to write about collective research about the topic or subject.
    • On the other hand, a student who is pursuing a Ph.D. degree can write a dissertation paper. The main aim of a dissertation paper is to represent different theories appended by them associated with the topic.

    Thus, there is a thin line between thesis and dissertation writing. Thus, it is important for students to know about the difference between thesis writing and dissertation writing. At the end of academics, students have to complete these writings to get the degree.

    The Difference In Terms Of Prerequisite

    There is a certain difference in the prerequisite for thesis writing as well as dissertation writing:

    Thesis writing

    • It is important in some colleges and universities to submit the thesis written by the student to get admission to different colleges and universities.
    • The thesis paper is a gist of acknowledgment of the student throughout an academic year.
    • You need to add citations and references when completing thesis writing.
    • Students need to see the specialization of their field of study if they want to complete their thesis papers in an appropriate manner.
    • Thesis writing is a type of identification mark for the student’s mastery over a particular subject or stream they have chosen.

    Dissertation writing

    • Dissertation paper writing is one of the lengthiest papers that you need to complete to get your doctorate degree.
    • To complete a dissertation paper with rich content and quality research, you will need at least three months.
    • The dissertation is regarded as the most advanced paper writing when compared to other academic papers.
    • Dissertation paper writing needs prolonged research and the utilization of lots of research papers for the final writing and submission.

    Structural Difference

    • A thesis paper is like a research paper that you are familiar with from your undergrad time. When writing a thesis, students need to analyze and comment on information that is related to their subject matter. The main objective of a thesis paper is to show the ability to think critically about a topic. Thus, students need to be knowledgeable to discuss the information in-depth.
    • When writing a dissertation paper, students have to use others’ research on the basis of guidance coming up from professors and teaching guides. In addition to using the guidance, students have to come up with unique hypotheses, theories, as well as concepts.

    There is also a difference in the length of work and content in both these academic writing.

    • The thesis should be at least 100 pages in length. But, a dissertation paper needs to be lengthier. A dissertation is an extremely complex work. The length of a dissertation paper is almost twice or thrice bigger as compared to a thesis paper.

    Thesis and Dissertation: Major Similarities

    All students pursuing a higher degree course are required to perform and submit research work either thesis or dissertation. The research work is the findings of the students on a specific topic. Therefore both the thesis and the dissertation are similar in many ways.

    • Each is considered a final project submitted by the graduate students.
    • Both require a plethora of knowledge, background research, and an immense understanding of the material.
    • Writing skills should be appreciated in a structured way.
    • Both have to be plagiarism-free and put forth the research or opinion.
    • In both, the candidate has to defend his/her argument.
    • The candidate has to draft, rewrite, and edit the work accordingly.
    • In both, the candidate is backed by a mentor who guides throughout the research and looks over the document before submission.
    • Both the thesis and the dissertation have to be completed within a given time,i.e. deadline.

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