How To Write A Persuasive Speech?

How to Write a Persuasive Speech

Are you wondering how to write a persuasive speech? In this article, we have shared effective tips and the top 50 Persuasive Speech Topics that will help you to write a persuasive speech.

Do you know who makes the most persuasive speeches all around the year? The politicians. They need support from their country and therefore they present what they have in mind and convince people before doing it. Most times they give persuading speeches to get votes.

Persuasive speech is all about swaying your audience by making good points and addressing the counterpoints. Once the audience is convinced they will be ready to take action such as support your campaign, give you donations, invest in your startups, follow traffic rules, etc.

How to Write a Persuasive Speech

What Is A Persuasive Speech?

A persuasive speech can be best defined as a form of speech that is aimed at compelling the audience with your opinion. It has to effectively persuade them into thinking the point you are trying to establish is correct. In a way, you have to sell your idea, and convince the audience into buying them. A great example to understand persuasive speech better is “advertisements”.

You may not be able to convince each participant in the audience to agree with you. But, your focus should be on influencing them to accept your perspective of debate topics. Of course, your argument has to be reasonable enough to convince the listeners. You can back up your argument with credible data.

A speaker should be well aware of the audience’s understanding and knowledge of the subject. Audience analysis plays a huge role in making a persuasive speech delivery successful. The personal experiences of the audience, and their familiarity with the topic.

Persuasive Speech

The Ultimate Goal Of A Persuasive Speech

The aim of a persuasive speech is to make the audience accept your point of view. It mainly involves a reinforcing strategy to transform the beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, or values of the listeners. A persuasive speech should induce action in the audience.


The goal of a convincing speech is to make the audience internalize the topic. It should have the ability to introduce them with a view which they were unaware of. A convincing speech should be focused on facilitating the listeners’ thoughts. It has to be powerful enough to change the audience’s outlook towards the subject of your argument.


The actuation speech is more of an actionable form of persuasive speech. It is aimed towards encouraging the audience to take an action. An actuation speech could reap favorable results if your audience is somewhat familiar with the topic and already agree with your thoughts.


As the name suggests, a stimulation speech is meant to facilitate the audience’s mind in support of your idea. This form of speech is delivered assuming that the listeners already have some assent with the speaker’s opinions, but they need to be enhanced. The idea is to stimulate the audience’s understanding and encourage them enough to agree with your thoughts completely. The listeners should accept your opinions with open arms and show assent.

Components Of A Persuasive Speech

The elements of a persuasive speech can be broken down into three major parts.


Your speech must have logic. It should be consist of solid arguments backed up with credible claims. The transition of thoughts within your speech has to flow smoothly. It is important to structure your speech in sequential order from the beginning to the end while creating a link among your statements.


Ethos is another crucial factor in your persuasive speech. It defines your beliefs on the subject and shows ethics. When you speak about a topic, your confidence should be visible. It works encourages the audience to attentively listen to your thoughts. When you seem credible to the listeners, it automatically generates a sense of trust and increases the weightage of your statements. This way, people are more likely to agree with your side of the argument and act on your advice.


It is a proven fact that people feel more motivated to take any action when emotions are involved. Thus, you need to address the emotional side through a powerful delivery. Pathos is just that! This element makes your speech stronger, and actionable. The emotional appeal to your content would act as an encouragement factor.

All these elements have to be blended together to get a fruitful result. You can add-on to the effectiveness of your persuasive speech by introducing all these aspects in a balanced way.

Top Persuasive Speech Topics For 2021

Here are some of the best persuasive speech topics for 2021

Persuasive Speech Topics For Arts And Culture

  1. Graffiti is a form of art: Do you agree?
  2. There is no authenticity in modern-day art.
  3. The ancient art forms are experiencing a slow death.
  4. Is it crucial to preserve art and culture?
  5. Should it be mandatory for students to learn a musical instrument in school?
  6. Should it be free to enter the museums?
  7. Annual art festivals should be held in schools.
  8. How important is performing arts for holistic development?
  9. Art should be made compulsory in educational institutions.
  10. Offensive language should be removed from classic literature.

Persuasive Speech Topics For Technology

  1. Should robot production be controlled?
  2. Can modern-day technology for food production help in reducing hunger?
  3. Is Artificial Intelligence underrated?
  4. Does free internet access have the power to revolutionize the world?
  5. Can Artificial Intelligence be a threat to information in the future?
  6. All institutions should adopt big data and cloud computing.
  7. Will automation replace human labor in the industries?
  8. Is human augmentation a necessity?
  9. Are unregulated technological advancements a threat to humanity?
  10. Should modern-day home appliances be designed to solely run on solar energy?

Persuasive Speech Topics For Environment

  1. Are disposable diapers a menace to nature?
  2. Fuel-based vehicles should be banned.
  3. The usage of fossil fuels and natural resources should be limited.
  4. Plastic usage is self-defeat for the world.
  5. The practice of recycling should be enforced.
  6. Are the current restrictions on fishing sufficient?
  7. Are we responsible for global climate change?
  8. Should we be more focused on the environment than on technology?
  9. Should organic production be promoted through commercial regulations?
  10. Is it essential to protect the rare species?

Persuasive Speech Topics For Ethics

  1. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  2. Should politics be prohibited in church?
  3. Should teenage girls have access to birth control pills?
  4. Is eating meat an unethical act?
  5. Should surrogacy be legalized?
  6. Companies that indulge in animal testing practices should be charged with higher rates.
  7. Gender laws should not help women.
  8. Should the government legalize marijuana for its legal benefits?
  9. Should professional actors be allowed to play poker?
  10. Should companies focus on profits before community benefits?

Persuasive Speech Topics For Education

  1. Can the US education system be considered the best in the world?
  2. Parents should be more engaged in the entire education process.
  3. Should it be illegal to drop out under-performing students from schools?
  4. Is music education necessary?
  5. Should the school curriculum teach a basic healthy lifestyle to students?
  6. Art classes should be enforced in all public schools.
  7. Is online learning a much effective approach than classroom learning?
  8. Applicants from lower financial backgrounds should be offered free higher education.
  9. School students should not be allowed to use phones inside the campus.
  10. Commercial advertisements in schools: good or bad?

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Effective Tips To Write A Persuasive Speech

Writing a persuasive speech is not difficult if you know the exact process. Here are 8 simple tips that you can implement:

Prepare yourself

Make sure you have enough background on the topic you are going to speak on. Choose something that you are good at and if the topic is assigned to you then do extensive research. You don’t want to give out the wrong details.

What’s the goal?

Make sure you know why you are writing that speech? Why do you want to persuade your audience? What information do you wish to share with them? The goal should be defined right after you choose a topic.

Know your audience

Delivering a good speech in front of the wrong audience can do blunders while a good speech in front of the right audience can do wonders. Thus, make sure you have an audience who is interested in the topic. If you are giving a speech on global warming and saving the earth in front of industrialists it might be a failed attempt. Do you know why? Because most industries are responsible for the pollution and therefore convincing them not to do would result in a failure.

Let the audience be the focus

Since your speech is an attempt to persuade 20 people in a room you can’t just concentrate on the topic. You have to involve your audience and how they contribute to your cause. If you have a petition that needs a signature of 2000 people for saving the tigers then you must include the audience who can actually help in doing it. Simply stating the subject won’t bring any result. 

Sound Credible, Be credible

You must position yourself as an expert before you make those long speeches. If you and your knowledge don’t have enough credibility there is a good chance people won’t take you seriously. So do good research before presenting any facts and use your experience to make it more interesting.

Be aware of counterpoints

You can’t get away by just simply talking about what you have in mind. If you feel there are two sides to your topic at least address the counterpoints so that the discussion doesn’t get heated up. List all the counterpoints you can think of and include them in your speech.

Practice makes the man perfect

You have to write your speech many times to reach perfection so it’s better you start by listing all the points and write drafts. Come up with different introductions each time for the same topic and see which one goes best. Practice will help you understand what to include and what to avoid. 

What do you want your audience to do?

Once you have your speech done include a call to action in your conclusion. After all, you want your audience to take action right? 

Tell them where to sign, which website to visit, what poll should they answer to, or how many donations they should make, etc. 


The whole idea of writing a persuasive speech is to be influential and convince the readers. So it’s best that you make up your mind about a topic and start finding the best way to present it. The process will get even interesting if you can include something from your personal experience. Some you did in the past and how it helped you get great results and now you are asking your audience to try it for some time to see results of their own. 

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