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Are you wondering how to write a persuasive speech?

In this article, we have shared 8 effective tips that will help you to write a persuasive speech.

Do you know who makes the most persuasive speeches all around the year? The politicians. They need support from their country and therefore they present what they have in mind and convince people before doing it. Most times they give persuading speeches to get votes. 


Persuasive speeches are all about swaying your audience by making good points and addressing the counterpoints. Once the audience is convinced they will be ready to take action such as support your campaign, give you donations, invest in your startups, follow traffic rules, etc.


8 Effective Tips To Write A Persuasive Speech


Writing a persuasive speech is not difficult if you know the exact process. Here are 8 simple tips that you can implement:


Prepare yourself

Make sure you have enough background on the topic you are going to speak on. Choose something that you are good at and if the topic is assigned to you then do extensive research. You don’t want to give out the wrong details.


What’s the goal?

Make sure you know why you are writing that speech? Why do you want to persuade your audience? What information do you wish to share with them? The goal should be defined right after you choose a topic.


Know your audience

Delivering a good speech in front of a wrong audience can do blunders while good speech in front of the right audience can do wonders. Thus, make sure you have the audience who is interested in the topic. If you are giving a speech on global warming and saving the earth in front of industrialist it might be a failed attempt. You know why? Because most industries are responsible for the pollution and therefore convincing them not to do would result in a failure.


Let the audience be the focus

Since your speech is an attempt to persuade 20 people in a room you can’t just concentrate on the topic. You have to involve your audience and how they contribute it to your cause. If you have a petition that needs a signature of 2000 people for saving the tigers then you must include the audience who can actually help in doing it. Simply stating the subject won’t bring any result.


Sound Credible. Be credible

You must position yourself as an expert before you make those long speeches. If you and your knowledge don’t have enough credibility there is a good chance people won’t take you seriously. So do good research before presenting any facts and use your experience to make it more interesting.


Be aware of counterpoints

You can’t get away by just simply talking about what you have in mind. If you feel there are two sides of your topic at least address the counterpoints so that the discussion doesn’t get heated up. List all the counterpoints you can think of and include it in your speech.


Practice makes the man perfect

You have to write your speech many times to reach perfection so it’s better you start by listing all the points and write drafts. Come up with different introductions each time for the same topic and see which one goes best. Practice will help you understand what to include and what to avoid. 


What you want your audience to do

Once you have your speech done include a call to action in your conclusion. After all, you want your audience to take action right? 

Tell them where to sign, which website to visit, what poll should they answer to, or how many donations they should make, etc. 



The whole idea of writing a persuasive speech is to be influential and convince the readers. So it’s best that you make up your mind about a topic and start finding the best way to present it. The process will get even interesting if you can include something from your personal experience. Some you did in the past and how it helped you get great results and now you are asking your audience to try it for some time to see results of their own. 


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