What is Ethics Essay and How to Write It in a Proper Format?

What is Ethics Essay and How to Write It in a Proper Format

Academic writing encompasses a spectrum of writing assignments. One such type of ethics essay writing, which could be a somewhat tricky task for many students. An ethics essay paper is quite different from a dissertation or a research paper. It involves the right and the wrong sides of moral conduct on an issue.

It is not just about barely writing down your thoughts on paper. There has to be a proper organization of structure involving all the major elements. This is an effective way to communicate your ideas to the audience properly. However, you also need to put your focus on the content to ensure positive results. It is an excellent approach to develop critical thinking skills, interpretation, analyzing, reflection, and explanation skills.

What is Ethics Essay and How to Write It in a Proper Format


What Is An Ethics Essay?

Ethics deal with morality and conduct. So if you are writing an essay on ethics you are talking about right and wrong. Ethics is when you talk about how a person should behave in a specific situation. What makes it challenging is understanding what’s accepted widely and what’s considered otherwise. 

When you write other kinds of essays your approach is to look for relevant resources and find valuable information. Then you use it to support your theories and concepts. But in the case of the ethics essay the approach is a bit different which we will discuss below.

Definitions Of Ethics

Ethics can be defined as the concept based on the right and the wrong side of any moral conduct. A branch of philosophy is based on morality and includes certain behavioral rules. While writing an ethics essay, the writer has to focus on explaining the standards that define and govern human behavior. It generally defines the moral and immoral, acceptable and unacceptable actions, good and bad behavioral concepts while dealing in a certain situation.

What Are The Characteristics Of An Ethics Essay

An ethics essay has to be prepared in a certain manner to ensure that it is relevant to the acceptable guidelines. There are some features that you need to include in your essay paper, which highly impact the essay structure. Let us share some of the key elements of the ethics essay paper:

  • The subject of your essay has to be significant and challenging to society.
  • There has to be a thesis statement based on the subject.
  • You need to write a strong argument as a thesis that focuses on moral principles.
  • Supporting evidence for your arguments to build dilemma.
  • A counterargument to justify your reasoning.
  • A rhetorical example to justify and prove your position.

What Is The Goal Of Writing an Ethics Essay?

The major purpose behind writing an ethics essay is to put forward an argument from a particular side on a morally inclined subject. It is highly important to include a debate, rather than simply sharing your views on a certain topic. You can say that ethics papers are quite similar to argumentative essay writing in terms of features. This is due to the simple fact that a moral issue gives rise to debates.

Thus, it is essential to maintain an argumentative tone throughout the write-up. Indulging into literature work or reading practices is an excellent way to develop the right approach for ethics writing projects.

What Makes Ethics Essay Distinct From Other Essays?

When it comes to essay writing, there is a broad range of its types. Now, if we look at the ones that concern the discipline of philosophy, there are multiple essay forms. However, each essay type possesses a set of features that is unique from other formats. This is what makes them distinctive from others.

The ethics essay writing is based on ethical issues which are described from a moral perspective. This is done to explain controversial topics through arguments, or describing a moral dilemma. Ethics essay papers aim to explain the ethics and morality of a specific subject. This involves presenting the good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable aspects. You need to maintain a formal approach throughout the essay, and it has to be written in the third-person language.

If we look at other forms of essays, a narrative essay follows a storytelling format to intrigue the audience. Similarly, an informative essay is aimed at informing or educating the readers on a particular topic.

Ethics Essay Structure

Just like any other essay, the ethics essay also has an introduction, middle body, and conclusion. 

  • The introduction is mostly about telling the topic and what you are going to cover in it. It will also include a strong thesis statement.
  • Your thesis should speak loud and clear about the issue you are going to mention. Remember everyone might feel differently about a certain subject and therefore you should present only your views with concrete focus. Ethics is a huge field and covering it entirely is impossible. Thus, keep the cope as narrow as possible so that the reader is not diverted from the main issue. Your topic should pose the main question and answer it. If your writing is raising more questions than answers then you may have to face the heat of the readers. 
  • The middle body is about justifying the topic with relevant literature and instances. Since it’s an ethics essay you are supposed to emphasize what’s best and accepted by people.
  • The conclusion is all about concisely summarizing the topic.

Outline For Effective Ethics Essay Writing Paper

Like every other form of writing, ethics essay writing follows a specific style of writing. You need to present firm arguments and reasoning. Let us share some of the essentials of an ethics essay outline.

  • The topic must be significant and challenging.
  • Write a thesis statement.
  • Present a firm argument.
  • Provide evidence to back up your argument.
  • Share a counterargument.
  • Share some rebuttal examples to prove your position.

How To Choose The Topic For Ethics Essay?

The most powerful weapon of an author is words and the thought process. The topic you choose should benefit others. It should be relevant and solve the problem. You can probably discuss your idea around and do some online/offline research to see what views others have on your topic. The more informative and intriguing your topic, the more will be the readership. Make sure you stick to the facts while discussing your viewpoint and keep it interesting for the readers to read. Also, invite users to contribute by asking the right questions. Make them a part of your discussion. Ask them how they feel about the whole thing and you will be surprised with the interest the reader will show. 

You can also choose a topic where you present multiple views coming from different people and then analyze them to show what you believe in. This is a great way of presenting an essay because even the reader would love to know the whole thing surrounding a topic. But again discuss only one point and present the facts around it else your audience will feel lost and you don’t want that. So keep it simple and on point.

A Selection Of Ethics Essay Topics For 2021

Top 10 Ehics Essay Topics

We have made a list of some exciting ethics essay topics that might interest you!

  1. Why is moral code important in the workplace?
  2. The privacy concerns and social media usage.
  3. Does driving an electric car makes an individual a responsible citizen?
  4. What are the present-day ethical concerns in the healthcare sector?
  5. Can the death penalty be regarded as a morally acceptable form of punishment?
  6. Should AI be used to introduce moral values into robotics?
  7. Baby outside marriage: Right or wrong?
  8. Should we only speak the truth at the time?
  9. The relationship between global warming and extinction of animals and plants species.
  10. The role of society in shaping our ethical values.
  11. Drugs should not be legalized in the world.
  12. Should kids be allowed Botox injections and plastic surgeries?
  13. Should we remain silent upon witnessing animal cruelty in society?
  14. Should there be a right to suicide if a person does not want to live any longer?
  15. Should the anti-bullying policies in schools be enacted?
  16. Organic foods V/s processed foods and their health impacts.
  17. Should educational institutions be held responsible for low grades?
  18. Is human cloning an ethical practice?
  19. Should hunting for entertainment be legalized?
  20. Who should be held responsible for corporate fraud?

How To Write An Ethics Essay?

Before jumping into writing your ethics essay it is highly important to understand the step-by-step procedure. This is the first step that prepares you to write an effective ethics essay with relevant information. You get to compose a well-informed copy that ensures that all your ideas are clearly communicated to the audience.

Select an ethics-related topic:

The first step is to choose a topic that is debatable and thought-provoking. It helps in building the argument as you go further into elaborating the issue. The subject has to provide enough scope to be discussed from both, the good and the bad viewpoint. Only that is how you could craft arguments as well as counterarguments on the matter after thorough research work.

Create An Outline:

You need to create an outline beforehand. Doing this makes the entire writing experience much easier as you have a clear understanding of the structure.

Write The Introduction:

Keep the introductory part relevant and brief. It should precisely share the main idea of the subject and the opinion that you will support in your entire write-up. You can also present some facts, figures, and questions in the beginning to intrigue the readers.

The Main Body:

After you have decided upon a thesis statement and are clear with the argumentative approach you are going to follow throughout. The paragraphs in your ethics essay need to be organized in a meaningful structure Also, always present two different arguments in separate paragraphs. This will bring clarity to your copy and ensure high-end quality in the outcome.


While concluding your ethics essay paper make sure to rephrase the thesis statement. There is no need to include a pile of added information in this part. You can discuss the importance of the ethical issue you have discussed above. Do not forget to share your opinions and what makes them acceptable.

Editing The Final Draft:

Check and verify that your write-up is grammatically sound and meaningfully crafted. Look for all the spelling errors and check that all the arguments have supporting evidence. This is when you need to delete all the unnecessary details, and include important points that you might have forgotten to add.

Tips To Write An Ethics Essay

Here are a few tips from our experts that believe it works like a charm for an ethics essay:

  1. Choose a topic that you care about.
  2. Go with the regular format of introduction, main body, and conclusion
  3. Keep your thesis strong and convincing
  4. Make sure your essay is precise, to the point with no beating around the bush.
  5. Avoid ambiguity and stay focused on your topic.
  6. Pick out the most important points and mention them.
  7. Justify the whole idea in your conclusion
  8. Edit and proofread your essay to make it perfect.

Final Words

Ethical writing can only be declared justified when it involves both, the right and the wrong perspectives on a moral issue. The purpose of an ethics essay is to present arguments on moral conduct that have the potential to strongly influence society. All your arguments and counterarguments need to be logically sound and supported with authentic evidence. Thesis statements are the key element in this type of essay paper. Do not forget to raise a question on people’s values to leave an ever-lasting impact.

In case you believe you don’t have the time and resources to deliver something like this then you can always seek academic assistance. We at writing my essay have seasoned writers who have the knowledge and expertise to write a good ethics essay. With a quick turnaround time and a huge talent pool, we have managed to provide exceptional academic writing services over the years. Thus, go ahead and reach out to our team and share your project details today.

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