How To Write a Strong Conclusion for an Essay?

Essay Conclusion

How to write a conclusion for an essay is one of the most worrisome parts of an essay for a student. Sometimes writing an essay conclusion is even more challenging than nailing an introduction. Just like an essay even the conclusion has an outline and holds great importance. 

Let’s completely understand how a conclusion is written with perfection.

What Is An Essay Conclusion?

The conclusion is the last part of an essay where you restate your thesis and compile all your viewpoints or arguments together. The conclusions conclude a writer’s perception of a topic and tell readers why they should believe in the presented viewpoints.

The Outline Of A Conclusion

The outline is very simple and easy to make. It includes:

  • The start of the conclusion

Your conclusion begins by restating the thesis. You must remind the reader why you started this topic in the first place.

  • The summarization of arguments or views

Since you mentioned one main point and a few other sub-points in different paragraphs it’s best to bring them together in a conclusion. Align them to give a clear picture to your audience. 

  • The closing statement

This is the last but most valuable sentence where you provide closure to your audience. The closing statement is logical, proves your idea, and shows a bigger picture. Some writers often end by letting the topic open to a wider scope. 

Most Effective Ideas To Conclude Your Essay

  • Add a futuristic element

When you write an essay you cover all the possible scope but some things can only be unfolded in the future. Thus, you can let readers think about how your view, idea, or concept will turn out in the future. What will be its importance in the coming years? You can even share your prediction. 

  • End with what you started

In the introduction, you usually start with a hook and then move towards mentioning your main agenda after that 3 body paragraphs point out different facts surrounding your main agenda. With so many things going on you should circle back to the main point for your reader in conclusion. They should not forget the main purpose or goal that you are trying to prove.

  • Widen the perspective

You can set up your essay in such a way that you start by mentioning your main arguments and sub-arguments and then slowly take your audience to think beyond. The conclusion is the best place to put forward a larger context that is relevant to your main idea.

How To Conclude An Essay Effectively?

We have a few tips that you can use to write a great conclusion:

  • Conclude in a tidy manner don’t make it confusing for your reader to understand
  • The answer to “How to conclude an essay is to show a sense of accomplishment. Let your readers know that you have proved your thesis.
  • Avoid redundancy at all costs. Framing the same sentences as in the introduction would make your essay shallow. Show your deeper understanding by giving closure.
  • The conclusion is supposed to answer questions and not raise them. Thus, if you choose to include any new information all of a sudden you are only going to confuse your readers.
  • Summarize your ideas with supporting statements.
  • The conclusion is your last thought on a subject. Make sure you leave on a positive note. Your readers should feel grateful for the information you shared. They must feel they received some value.
  • You should ask yourself “why anybody should care about your perspective?” This will help you understand how your conclusion or for that matter the essay should be.

Thinks To Avoid In Conclusion 

  • You should never introduce any new information even if it’s a part of your main topic. The conclusion is meant for summary only. Summarize your arguments or idea.
  • Since the essay is an academic document don’t personalize the topic at the end if you haven’t used the first-person approach. It shouldn’t be random. If you are presenting facts stick to it. Personalizing anything like the first person in conclusion out of the blue.
  • There is a difference between summarizing and restating thus don’t start mentioning everything again in the conclusion because body paragraphs already have that information.
  • Be precise about what language you are trying to use. It should be formal and straightforward. 

Are You Ready To Write Conclusion For Your Next Essay?

While you explain your main points in the introduction and body your conclusion is meant for making your readers understand why your points are important? To end a conclusion perfectly keep its outline in mind and the objective for which it’s a part of an essay. Now that you have read all the information related to the conclusion do you feel confident enough to write it for your next essay?

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