Basic Key Tips To Write An Impressive Opinion Essay

Opinion Essay

An opinion essay is required by the students to jot down their opinion. Their point-of-view is written through applicable examples and explanations. Before beginning an opinion paper, it’s far crucial to look at the definition, topics, requirements, and structure. Referring to examples is likewise enormously useful. Hence, take the guide from this blog to get the key idea about an opinion essay and discover ways to write an opinion essay like an expert.

Opinion Essay

What Is An Opinion Essay?

One of the most common queries among college students is “What is an Opinion Essay?” The simple answer is, “it is an undertaking that includes questions that permit college students to percentage their point-of-view on a topic matter.” Students need to explicit their mind in a particular way even as supplying evaluations on the difficulty associated with the sector inside affordable logic. Some assignments of this kind require references to lower back the writer`s claims.

Opinion writing includes the usage of a student`s point-of-view that’s segregated right into a point. It is subsidized through examples and explanations. The paper addresses the target market immediately by stating “Dear Readers” or the equivalent. The advent includes a connection with a speech, book, or play.

The Basic Difference Between An Opinion Essay And A Persuasive Essay

Writing an essay is an important academic and professional rule. There are many types of essays. Opinion-based and persuasive essays are unique. Opinion-based essays reflect the author’s personal opinion. It can be accompanied by emotional reactions from the reader. A compelling essay will make everyone agree with your opinion. A persuasive essay is also called a controversial essay. The first type presents an idea for the event. The latter explains the reason for this idea. These two types of essays are somewhat similar and different.

  • Purpose

Opinion-based essays – These are written to express the author’s point of view. It just reflects what the author thinks about a particular event or process. Positive and negative attributes are based solely on the author’s personal choice. These can be right or wrong. But the author makes others aware of his opinion.

Persuasive essay – This is written by an author who is trying to make everyone agree with his opinion. This is related to the author’s thoughts on the event, topic, or situation. In this essay, the author confirms that his attitude is the best. He also emphasizes why this is the right attitude towards other views on the subject.

  • Structure

Opinion-based essays – These do not have a specific structure. There are no headings or subheadings. The information used here is related to the current event. This type of essay also does not require a background, introduction, or dissertation statement. It contains only basic logic paragraphs. These paragraphs explain the author’s personal opinion. The text and title are just two elements of an opinion-based essay. The main ideas for the opinion-based essays are listed in their first line.

Persuasive essay – The structure of a controversial or compelling essay differs in these aspects. It starts with an introduction. This introduction contains background, controversial topics, and dissertation statements. These parts of the introduction are important for a compelling essay. The dissertation statement provides the core idea of the essay. The dissertation statement consists of two sentences. Must contain the words “must” and “should”. Includes reasons to support your opinion

What Are The Basic Requirements Of An Opinion Essay?

To write an exclusive opinion essay, the writer needs to follow simple rules and some of the major ones are:

  • Avoid getting out of the topic: Always describe and revolve your opinion within the relevance of the assigned question. This is also called “walking in the bush” and can affect your grades, so please do not include it in the expression section.
  • Indent the first paragraph: For most academic papers, there is no difference in how you write your opinion. Opinion essays do not contain specific rules for indenting the first line of the introduction.
  • Well-thought-out dissertation: A dissertation is a brief description of an opinion piece. Determine the remaining paper. Add the information you want to include in the main paragraph.
  • Use of Formal Language: Writing informally is fine, but use a wide range of professional and formal language. These include “also”, “as stated”, “but”, and “yes”.
  • Avoiding Internet Slang: Avoid using slang words in your opinion. Do not use words such as “LOL”, “OMG”, “LMAO”.
  • First-person use: In my opinion, writing an opinion essay in first-person is acceptable.
  • Avoid informal punctuation: The requirements allow first-person languages, but not informal punctuation. These include dashes, exclamation marks, and emojis.
  • Avoid inconsistencies: Always make sure the spelling and grammar are correct.

Opinion Essay Topics

Opinion essay topics selection can be difficult if the student does not consider topics related to the opinion that is appropriate for the event or topic and that appear to be appropriate for proper reasoning. When a university professor requests the presence of such an essay, it means that they are requesting a formal contribution on a particular topic or event. It must be an opinion, a personal opinion on a particular issue.  

However, in order to maintain an academic style structure for opinion-oriented writing, it is necessary to give the opposite view just before the last paragraph. But how do you choose a successful topic in your opinion essay to get an A grade? The selection of good essay topics should be based on personal skills, experience, reliable sources, analysis, and solid research that gives reasons for a particular perspective.  

Good opinion essay topics for writing an opinion can be compared to a prompt to explain the content of the article immediately. The same applies to letters with opinions. Here are some writing tips to easily use for writing an opinion essay. 

Brainstorming Future Topics: Choose from several opinion essay topics to see if your study meets the requirements of your course. Always protect the information presented by using supporting evidence and reliable sources, including accurate citations. 

Mind Opinion Paragraph Topic: Make sure it is clear which side the sentence prompt is taken from. Note that in the opposite perspective, conflicting arguments are always inserted. Therefore, choose the appropriate topic for your opinion piece. Contact the relevant study to see if there are other studies on a particular topic. The first paragraph of a powerful dissertation should contain a perspective that references the next paragraph. Double-check the grammar, spelling, structure, and citation proofreading to meet the points in each rating section.

Some of the common opinion essay topics that can be used are:

  • Why should we stay fit?
  • Should minors be allowed to vote?
  • The benefits of being social
  • White or black? Which is the best?
  • Why is education important?
  • Do sports differ from indoor games?
  • Punishing students is right or wrong?
  • Why should we follow good hygiene?
  • What are the ways to eliminate corruption?
  • How does media help common people?
  • Why should you save energy?
  • How to deal with criticism?
  • Why should you work?
  • Why should you be honest with peers?
  • Which is the best car brand?

Opinion Essay Outline and Structure

When it comes to writing paragraphs of the opinion essay, there may be a student who can face issues with the opinion essay outline. A good paragraph structure with the standard is usually suitable to write the perfect opinion essay. It can be difficult for beginners to understand what to include in each section. For this reason, follow the steps:

  • Start configuring the written opinion. You have to write and fix it yourself. 
  • Start talking directly to the audience as per the topic. Enclose the author’s name and publication date in parentheses. 
  • Create a brief description in the paper. 
  • Add one or two summaries to the entire paper. 
  • Support theory with example 
  • Explain the connection statement to the second main part of the paragraph. 
  • Finally, make the connection statement and conclude
  • End with proofreading 

How To Write An Opinion Essay?

To answer, “how to write an opinion essay” the writer simply needs to put opinion and clearly express the same. Throughout the essay, provide different discussions/reasons/perspectives on the topic and back them up with evidence and examples. You can also include the opposite perspective in the paragraph. 

How To Write An Opinion Essay


Ask yourself when writing a title. Do you agree or disagree with the topic? Then write this statement as the title of your essay. 


The first paragraph of writing the opinion essay is an introduction and should catch the reader’s attention. A “hook” can also be added with data or statistics. 

Papers: The introduction also includes papers. The dissertation statement is the most important statement or claim or opinion of your essay. 

Argument / Theoretical Basis 

The Opinion-Based Essay raises some arguments to defend the dissertation. Evidence must be submitted for all discussions/reasons. You can have multiple discussions and reasons 

Evidence Support 

Any argument/justification must be supported by evidence, which may be in the form of additional research quoting academic papers, data, and graphs. The key here is that your research and data are correct and that you follow your common sense. 

Some argument/justification paragraphs may be followed by some support paragraphs. You can also refer to the opposite view in any of these paragraphs. 


The conclusion of the essay is a summary of the thoughts and ideas written during the essay. In the conclusion of an opinion-based essay, the dissertation is usually rewritten in the author’s own words to emphasize his or her approval or disapproval of the topic. It is undeniable that international poaching needs to be banned, as conclusions are a powerful way to end an essay and should be left to the reader.


  • Use connections and keep the style of connecting words formally (no abbreviations, slang, or informal phrases) 
  •  Write in an easy-to-understand logical order 
  •  Read cleanly when writing an essay
  • Write easy sentences

What Is A Good Introduction For An Opinion Essay?

The introductory secret of an opinion essay is to attract readers, get their attention, and make the rest of the text attractive. After giving the viewer a hook, introduce to the topic and briefly explain the supporting reasons why you need to extend it in the main paragraph. Ultimately, you can conclude with the facts.

Top 10 Sentence Starters For Your Opinion Essay

Now that you have got the base and extended the idea to write an opinion essay, here are some of the sentences you can use to start writing the opinion essay:

  1. It seems to me that …
  2. In my opinion …
  3. I take the view that  
  4. My personal view is that …
  5. In my experience …
  6. As far as I understand…
  7. From my point of view
  8. From what I know
  9. I might be wrong but
  10. If I am not mistaken

Expert’s Tips For Writing An Opinion Essay

Once successful in the form of a written opinion, you can use these skills to convince your readers and think about your point of view. Use some rules that apply when writing a quality opinion essay.


Your successful opinion should have a quality introduction, many paragraphs supporting the core discussion of your dissertation, and a conclusion summarizing everything discussed in the main paragraphs.


You can use different methods to persuade your readers more effectively. It’s best to talk to your readers directly. You can also use citations from credible sources to convince your readers of your point of view. To convince them well, we recommend using statistics.


All sources used to support your opinion must be credible. We recommend using well-known sources. All sources used should be listed in the bibliography. Otherwise, you run the risk of plagiarizing your dissertation. The paper must be officially stored. Yes, you have your own opinion, but you should avoid slang expressions, abbreviations, emotional vocabulary, etc.

Final Words

Now that you have got an approachable idea about how to write an opinion essay, ensure to give your best by adhering to the topic. In case you are not willing to invest the time on the same, Writing My Essay brings the service to provide you with a top-rated essay for you. Approach us to write essays and get the exceptional opinion essay written.