Honor Code and Policies of WritingMyEssay

WritingMyEssay strives to help students enhance their knowledge and concepts in various disciplines. Our tutors provide high-quality resources to help you learn and study effectively. We are committed to ensuring the proper usage of these resources and protecting their ownership.

WritingMyEssay is a platform that brings subject matter experts and students together. It makes students able enough to complete their coursework themselves. The honor code is a policy of enforcing ethical laws at Writingmyessay.com.

This code demonstrates our expectations regarding students in building and maintaining high-quality academic assistance. We do not promote any type of academic dishonesty. It includes allowing students to cheat or engage in illegal activities. Anyone who uses our site for the purpose of cheating or copying other's content will face stringent actions against them.

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How WritingMyEssay Ensures Academic Honesty and Integrity

The WritingMyEssay platform connects academic experts with students. Our platform offers assistance and guidance to help students complete their assignments. We aim to help students comprehend concepts and methods so they can complete assignments on their own. This platform ensures academic honesty and integrity by being against the following:

  • Cheating – No expert or student on this platform can seek help from unauthorized third-party websites.
  • Impersonation – We are against disclosing the identity of our students to others.
  • Plagiarism – We forbid plagiarism and make students do the same.
  • No access to user’s bank details – We do not keep the bank data of students and their payment information.
  • Corporate disloyalty – Writingmyessay does not promote or will be involved in any corporate disloyalty that violates the policies. We do not intend to assist people in practicing fraudulent activities.

The Correct Usage of WritingMyEssay

Here we have laid down various ways in which students should use our website.

  • Use WritingmMyeEssay to enhance your study process and better understand different concepts.
  • Upload original study resources and materials that you have made by yourself. Our experts will give you an honest opinion of your work.
  • WritingMyEssay also assists students with various study resources. We provide subject matter experts to give you the needed assistance when you feel stuck in your coursework.
  • Use WritingMyEssay strictly in a manner that aligns with the academic honor codes of your educational institution.

Incorrect Usage of WritingMyEssay Platform

We strictly do not advise students to use our website for the following things:

  • Copy solutions from our academic resources and claim them as your own.
  • Upload another individual’s study materials and claim them as your own.
  • Use our professional assistance to complete your coursework when your professor has advised you not to use external help.
  • Use WritingMyEssay in a way that breaches the honor codes of your academic institution.

What Information Do We Gather, and How Do We Share it?

WritingmMyEssay knows that university students lead a very stressful academic life. It is natural for them to look for help with their academic tasks. Our service is closely aligned to solve this problem of students. We ensure that we offer timely assistance to those struggling with their coursework.

We do not gather any confidential data of users. Furthermore, we prohibit students from sharing their information with others on this platform. To use our website, students need to provide minimal information about their immediate details and that of their coursework. Even their transaction information is not recorded or kept by us.

Our tutors do not involve themselves in any forbidden business activities or policies. We also do not allow third-parties or businesses to use our platform for any reason. In order to give students the best possible assistance, we share the details with the academic writers on our website.

We experts work exactly as per our norms and policies. They are not allowed to violate the policies or practice any fraudulent activities. The aim is to always offer students effective help, so they can get ahead in their disciplines.

You can use the platform to communicate with writers. They will never ask you to disclose your personal information at any point.

WritingMyEssay Strictly Forbids Plagiarism

Plagiarism refers to the practice of copying or reproducing any material from a different source without giving due credit to the real writer. It also includes using another person to modify or revise your work and calling their corrections your own.

Students have the freedom to discuss an assignment problem among themselves or with their professor or tutor. However, their assignment should strictly be a work of their own. Plagiarism isn’t tolerated in the academic environment. At WritinMyEssay, we prohibit students from indulging in any kind of plagiarism practices. If you do, you are likely to experience the following consequences:

  • You will get a notification that your coursework is plagiarized, along with a plagiarism report.
  • You’ll be unable to pass the plagiarized coursework. In case you received a passing score previously, that score will turn to zero.
  • In case the plagiarism found was to such an extent that your score reduces to a non-passing grade, you’ll not receive the certification of passing the paper.
  • You can also be permanently removed from the course you are pursuing.
  • After your removal from the course, you will not receive any refunds for the course.

WritingMyEssay strictly adheres to this honor code. We continuously try to improve student learning. The same also applies to our honor code. So if you have any feedback regarding any aspect of this code, please email it to us. Your recommendations will help us improve our honor code and cater to students better.